Friday, February 22, 2008

Baby First Adjustment

So Eliza had her first chiropractic adjustment this week. I had been meaning to get it done since she was born. I go to the chiro every week. I do get a 20 minute massage as well which helps to bring me back each week. I was adjusted the entire time I was pregnant and only took a short break after delivery. I find that it really helps with my overall health. I started reading about getting my baby adjusted while I was pregnant. They had a pamphlet at the office and I love to read anything I can get my hands on- especially in a waiting room. It said that delivery can be a traumatic event for the baby's spine. It was traumatic for me anyway! I read that many babies who suffer colic and reflux symptoms demonstrate great improvement after a few spinal adjustments. So, I brought the pamphlet home to show my DH. He loves to call the chiropractor the Voodoo doctor. He scoffed at the idea so I let it go for a while. I know he probably pictured our newborn face down getting her little neck cracked. They would say, "Wiggle your toes and relax Eliza" and then CRACK!

Well, I have to say that her first adjustment was very quick and painless. I held her in my arms while the doctor examined her. She had two problem spot in her spine. Later that day and the following day she pooped a few times. I think the doctor hit a magic poop button or something. I regret not bringing her in sooner because she was a little colicky but I figure better late than never. I think the practice is a bit controversial but I really trust my chiropractor and new she would use a very gentle touch. I would say that parents should go with their gut when it comes to this practice.

If you would like to read more about having your baby adjusted check out the following websites.


Pam said...

I have never personally been to a chiropractor, but I have heard good things. I would probably be nervous having it done to my baby. But since you go yourself and you were able to hold Eliza- I don't see anything wrong with it. Like you said- go with your gut. I love the information you share!

Future Mom said...

What a great idea! I am totally in love with my chiro and I don't know how I could ever live without my adjustments. However mine doesn't do massages...what's your doctor's number :)

I can remember getting adjusted when I was pretty young because my mom was going and had to bring me along so I guess she figured why not. I can't believe I didn't even think about how beneficial it could be for pregnant women and children to see the chiropractor! Thanks for bringing it up!

Angela said...

I plan to have my chiropractor visit us in the hospital so that she can adjust me and little anthony as soon as possible. I have heard aside from the benefits of helping with colic and reflux that it also cuts down on ear infections as well. My sister is actually in school in GA right now studying to be a chiropractor so I stand behind it 100% even though DH does not.