Monday, February 18, 2008

Cost Of Having A Baby? I Have No Clue!

Everybody says that if you wait to have a baby until you can afford it...then it will never happen. Most people probably have a little saved up to cover expenses but how do you know how much that will be? I have been trying to figure it out, but how exactly do you know what a baby needs? To get started, I read over the New Parents' Checklist on I have come to the conclusion that this store is in the business of selling stuff and possibly planning to rip me off when it comes time to shop for a little one. Here's the deal...if you add up all of the feeding and baby gear items on this list it comes to over $3,000. Is it just me or does a baby NOT need 4 different kinds of strollers? Once I take this number and add it to the cost of

- delivery in a hospital
- enough diapers, wipes, formula & baby food to last 1 year
- daycare 5 days a week
- cord blood banking
- babyproofing the house
- toiletries and first aid supplies
- furniture & decor for the nursery
- books, cds, & dvds
- clothing

I am looking at about $19,000 (for the first year). Yikes...I guess I'd better start hinting for a raise.

Those of you out there with kids...does this sound completely insane or should I totally expect to pay this much? What baby items/gear would you say is something you couldn't live without and what is a complete waste? I am looking to knock some major money off this list!


Lori said...

ok my 2 things that I couldn't live without the first year (ok first 6 months lets say) the bouncy seat (months 0-3) and the jumparoo (months 3-6/7) without them I don't think I would have showered!

I wasn't and still am not big on videos for the baby... I'd rather turn on noggin for a 25 min show than pop in an hour video

Pam said...

of course there are things you have to have like diapers and formula if you don't/can't breastfeed. But many generic brand diapers are good at a fraction of the cost. You can live without many things, too. For example, I never had a Boppy, I just used a regular pillow to help prop baby when nursing. If you check around, consignment shops have lots of items in good condition. Plus, you get so many fabulous gifts at the baby shower! ;)

The one item I loved for the baby stage was the bouncy seat- both my kids loved it and it was the way I showered those fir 6 months!

Dem Mom said...

That's insane. Get a good crib, diapers, formula if you need it. Most things can be borrowed/gifted from friends (used or new), found at second hand stores, on eBay or Craig's List or on Freecycle. This includes bouncy seats, etc. (which are as handy as previous posters have said!). There's so much of this baby "stuff" floating around out there, in people's attics and basements. We need to start circulating it!