Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pick ME!!!!

I am in desperate need of a new vacuum. That is why I am entering this contest to win a new Oreck. My mom has one and it is awesome. My mom has killed many vacuums over the years and she swears by the Oreck. At one point we had five cats and two dogs and you could not find a stray hair. On the other hand I have three cats and a baby in a small condo. Cat hair is a big issue and most vacuums just don't measure up. We buy those lint rollers by the dozen. I have to lint roll my couch on a regular basis.

If you are interested check out the contest- you don't have to blog to win. If not, better chance for me to win!!!

On a sadder note, Eyewitness news ran a story last night about three SIDS deaths related to Boppy pillows. These pillows are not for sleep purposes! Here is a link to a related article.