Monday, March 31, 2008

Babywearing Article

If you are interested...

This article makes me want to start a Jersey Babywearing Group/Website!

It helps if I include a link. duh mommy brain

I have been to and also (both excellent resources)
I am pretty sure there is no one running a New Jersey group. I am going to look into it for sure.


Pam said...

I'll admit I didn't read the article...yet. I will though. But your idea sounds great except I am jealous that I couldn't be in a cool group with you!

Amber said...

I wish I could start one too, but there is already a chapter of the Koala Mommas here in metro Atlanta (several of them, actually). Have you ever been the

Brad Schmidt said...

Hey, sorry to hear about Eliza. Hope she's doing better now and that you and Pete are too. Was the link to the story deleted? There wasn't anything to click when I checked.