Monday, March 17, 2008

I am a Klutz- VENT

I really can't take it anymore. I just keep breaking things. I don't mean to be so clumsy- I swear.

In the past two weeks I have...

  • crashed into the curb at day care and the grill fell off my car as I was leaving. I tried to pretend it didn't belong to me because I was embarrassed. I really pulled this off by driving over it with my own car.

  • broken the paper shredder after trying to shred two sheets at a time. The darn machine said I could do up to six. LIAR!!!!

  • dropped the tiny penguin head from Eliza's brand spankin new humidifier and cracked the plastic. Now the steam shoots out of his neck and his beak. Why does a humidifier need a head anyway!?

* Even though this does not count as breaking something it still upsets me. Today Pete had to pick up Eliza from day care and take her in to the doctor. He called to tell me he was going and I said, " okie dokie!" Cut to an hour later when Pete is at the day care center and realizes I have the car seat with me. Good job Danielle! He had to go borrow my mom's car to take Eliza to her appointment. I would have killed me. Luckily he was not too mad.

I can't take it anymore! I don't know why these things always happen to me. GGGRRRR! I am sure that after my husband reads this post he will add several other things I have broken to the list. that I feel better. Eliza's regular doctor confirmed that the on call doctor was an idiot to tell us to give her 6oz of Pedialyte all at once. Now we are giving her formula mixed with a little water and feeding her less every two hours or so. She is still not herself and has had some bad diarrhea.

Bad Diarrhea + Poop up the back = Lots of extra laundry


Pam said...

Oh the poop up the back is the WORST! YUK! I have such long babies that diapers fit weight wise, but not length wise as well so I get poop up the back more then I care for. My sitter has actually done laundry just to help out because I was going through so many spare outfits at her house. Yup- you know you are sad when your day care provider/sitter has to take pity on you!

I think being a sleepy, working mommy leads to the breaking things. I am like that too. I often have bruises and bumps from things I ran into, etc.

The car seat thing- hubby and I do that all the time!!

I giggled at the vaporizer thing...hee hee hee!

I hope that Eliza is feeling better SOON! Thinking of you all!

Lori said...

trying to be a good mommy, teacher, wife, etc.. etc.. etc... will play a big roll in how much sleep you get... less sleep-- less sanity!

you will get through it

hope Eliza is feeling better soon.

Andrea said...

Don't worry - you are not the only mommy who's got the Klutz problem...I do too. Just yesterday I dropped a bowl of JELLO out of the fridge! Ummm...yeah...and then I cleaned it all up. Sigh. I have many more stories like that too...we can all be klutzy together I guess. :) And I hope Eliza gets better soon! Poopy clothes are the worst to wash too!! I'm thinking of you!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh no! This sounds like my "placenta brain" clumsiness!


Anonymous said...

o u poor thing. hope all will be back on track soon!

Amber said...

Nice equation! I'm pretty accident prone gives my husband some comic relief!

Sheri said...

It is good to hear she is doing a little better.
I have bad news about your brain and being a klutz... It is never coming back LOL. I'm sorry.