Sunday, March 2, 2008

New camera lens = Lots of New Pics

The hubs purchased a new lens for our camera so we have been a little picture crazy the past few days. I have a zillion pictures of Eliza on the computer but never manage to print any out. I am a bad mommy- I never have pictures to show people. Now I can be a good mommy and share my little beauty with all those in the blogosphere!

Also, last night the hubs pointed out that I have a lot of typos in my blogs. That made me sad. I do hunt and peck and I make a lot of mistakes. There are certain words I always mess up. Forgive me! I am a teacher and every time I write students it comes out as studnets. Yesterday I kept switching around the letters in autism. My brain is just all mixed up! So I apologize in advance. Remember- I teach Kindergarten and invented spelling is OK



Andrea said...

You're like me...I have A TON of pictures on my computer and burned to DVD's, but I never print them's too much money because I take WAY too many pictures. :) haha.

Lori said...

I too have tons of pictures on my computer but don't print them out. I send pics off to the relatives a couple of times a week!

One thing I like about firefox is it points out spelling errors! I usually type slower than I think and therefore have a lot of errors, but as you say with teaching kindergarten all day you are used to reading word spelled creatively!

Pam said...

I never have pictures to show people either because the pics are all on my computer.

Don't feel badly about the spelling- I always type studnet first and then have to fix it to students. I am glad I am the not the only one!

That first picture of Eliza- it is almost like she is saying "oh no, not another picture" too cute!

I also wanted to let you know that we have been working with Ashlyn on staying dry at night (okay that isn't the part that is important for you!) and as her reward today she choose to watch Mulan! ;) (yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't let her watch tv!)

Jen said...

The pictures of Eliza are too cute! My husband's hobby is photography as well so we have zillions of pictures too (of course, none of them printed out). I'm thinking of putting them all on a dvd instead of making a baby book and calling it a day. Am I bad mom or what? ha ha.