Thursday, April 3, 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that

After reading Dana's post at Just Talk I started thinking about my first day back to school after spring break and Eliza being sick. I started my morning with one boy telling me his head has grown very large. He followed this be telling me it was hard as a rock. During morning message a rascally student eagerly volunteered the word CRAP to our list of -ap family words. I agreed that while Crap is in the ap family it is not a word we use in kindergarten. During guided reading the students were not listening to me so one of my group members declared, "Ms. Tamez is pissed!" I explained that we also don't use the word pissed because it is a not a nice word. He backtracked and just said I was getting angry. Before lunch one student decided to go #2 all over the bathroom. This is always a joyous event because the bathroom is in our room. It really leaves a pleasant odor for the rest of the afternoon. Anyhoo, I guess the toilet was broken because after lunch another little girl flushed the toilet and the water shot up all over her clothes. Let me say there is never a dull moment in my class!

After work I zipped home to get Eliza and took her in for a recheck at the pediatrician's office. At my appointment they informed me I would have to collect a urine sample using a urine collection bag next week. Directly after my collection I need to bring the sample to Quest Diagnostics for evaluation. A urine collection bag and a squirmy 6 month old. I can't think of anything that would be more fun! I think I will hand this one over to daddy Pete!

I did miss 90% of the Oprah show so I can't comment much on what was discussed. However, as strange as I think the situation may be, I don't think it is my place to pass judgement. I can't say if it is right or wrong. There are too many shades of grey. I just say live and let live.

More on Oprah-I am a huge animal lover. I am vegan for cryin out loud. Tomorrow her show is about puppy mills and I am sure it will be heartbreaking. If you share my love of animals be sure to tune in for this Lisa Ling special.

I always have the hardest time thinking of gift ideas and I am sure I am not the only one. I have been meaning to write about this great gift idea for some time. For my mom's birthday I had note pads designed from They came out sooo cute. It is really an amazing gift idea. The deadline to order for Mother's Day is April 15. Here is the one I made for my mom. I says Nana's Notes.

I am tired of typing with a wriggly baby in one arm so I am outta here for now.


Dana said...

never a dull moment in my class too.. i feel your pain!!

when we were doing the -it family one of my kids thought it would be funny to say * shit!

love the note pads for your mom, so cute!!

Pam said...

for a moment there I though you were describing my classroom-- I asked a student today why his brother was in the office/in trouble- he YELLS out, "cuz he brought a knife to school" All I could think was- why did I ask?? I should have known better. My kids don't stop talking long enough to noticed I am pissed or any other word. I had to leave my class for a minute to stand in the doorway/hall and count to ten- otherwise it would have been a word worse then crap coming out this mouth!!

Sorry to hear about the urine collection bag- sounds impossible!

The notepad- VERY cute. I will have to remember that idea!!

Rebecka said...

I watched the Oprah show. I shouldn't judge it either. The only thing i have to say is, men pregnant looks a little freaky.
The pic pads are absolutly cute.
Good luck with the urine sample.

TheVasquez3 said...

oh the JOYS of kindergarten...i miss it.

Amber said...

Wow...I'll leave the Kindergarteners to you! I just made my parents a book of Kaelin pics on for their 35th anniversary. They'll love it!

Mommy Mechanics said...

Very cute mother's day idea!

Momma On The Go said...

Too funny that you , Dana and I decided to all right about the same thing today! I know as a new mommy you can't wait to hear Eliza's first few precious words. Just a warning though, the flood gates will come posting open shortly after.

I LOVE the note pads! She is such a little ham!

Crystal said...

If the MD just needs a urine sample try putting cotton balls in her diaper (we use sterile ones) and then squeeze the urine (I suggest using gloves) into the container. As long as the cotton balls are clean (not colored or have fragrance) I really don't see why it wouldn't be OK. Might ask you're doc first and make sure.
I'm a peds RN and we do this at the hospital when we can't get the urine bags to work. . .