Monday, April 21, 2008

Meme Monday & Awards

Yay! I received some blog awards and I am super pumped.

Dana from Just Talk bestowed the Blog of Distinction on me. Thank you! I hope I continue to make you laugh and smile for many days to come.

I would like to give this award to Andrea from The Laughs Will Go On for all of her great reviews and giveaways. I also love her pics and videos. They always make me smile.

Also Tipp from A[tipp]ical Thoughts bestowed upon me the E for Excellent award and I am greatly honored. Thank you so much!

I would like to give this award to Mommy Mechanics for always providing excellent tips on her blog and always making me smile with pics of her boys.

and on to the Memes

I should have done these last Monday! I was tagged by Rebecka from Mommy Moments

are you a proud parent?

how many kids do you have?

what are the ages?
7 months

boy(s) or girl(s)?

how old were you when you had your first child?

was it planned?

do you regret it?
not one bit

who do your kid(s) look like?
Eliza looks just like my hubs

when were your kid(s) born?
September 18, 2007

do you plan on having more?
Yes- hopefully

do you have more than one baby daddy/momma?

do you love your baby daddy/momma

are you still with this person?

are you married to this person?

is this person a good parent to your kid(s)?
The Best!!!

do you live with this person

do you have a happy family?

do your kid(s) look like you or the dad/mom?

do your kids have proud grandparents?
Heck yeah

what did you want your kid(s) first words to be?
Daddy- so she can call him when she wakes up at night

what was their first words?
nothing yet

is being a parent hard?
Yes! Yes! and Yes!

do you put your kid(s) before everything?

do you have a job?
I am a teacher

is your child in school or grown up?

if you plan to have more will it be with a previous baby daddy/momma?

is that person the love of your life?

do you have a momma's boy or a daddy's little girl?
a daddy's girl

are you looking forward to being a grandparent someday?
In the distant future

Baby's Name?



Where was he/she born?
JFK Medical Center

What time were they born?
Eliza 8:06am

Weight/length at birth?
6lbs. 1oz. 20in

Age as you're typing this survey:

Are you a paranoid mom...?

Do you sterilize everything (like boil nipples or wash every toy)?

Do you buy "sensitive skin" wipes because they're "better" for baby's skin?

Do you worry that your baby will stop breathing in his/her sleep?
Every single day. Will it ever end?

Do you freak out if they happen to doze off during tummy time? (SIDS!!)
Eliza has never fallen asleep on her belly. She is not that relaxed

Do you overdress your baby, whether it's warm or cold?

Do you wash your baby's clothing in Dreft or other baby detergent?
Seventh Generation

Do you refuse to dress baby in anything with buttons (choking hazard)?

Do you watch (and critique) when someone else changes baby's diaper?

Did you buy all of their furniture (crib, changing table, stroller) NEW?

Do you have to wash a pacifier that fell on the floor before giving to baby?

Do you worry about anyone else holding your baby?

When you leave baby with a sitter, is all you do worry about baby?

Do you jump out of bed the second baby starts fussing during the night?
no. My husband does it for me

Do you worry about making baby bleed when clipping his/her fingernails?
no. my husband does that for me too

Do you call your pediatrician at least once a week?
more like three times a week

Do you cancel play dates because your baby has a runny nose & coughed once?
yes! ha ha

Do you refuse to go shopping without a shopping cart cover?
she is not big enough for that yet

If you have a cat, do you worry about toxoplasmosis?
Yes. we have three cats

Is your baby allowed anywhere near your pets?

Do you only feed your baby organic baby foods out of fear of preservatives?

Do you think you are or ever have been a paranoid new mom?
I am the most paranoid mom I know

I tag..
anyone who wants to join in the fun


Pam said...

Great answers! And congrats on the awards! Hope you are feeling better!

Dana said...

i love when people ask questions like "whos your baby momma." LOL....

How's your belly feeling?