Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Weekend

I know I have been kind of MIA. Sorry I haven't been around the blogosphere much. This weekend pretty much stunk. I missed one of my dearest friend's bridal showers because I was laying on my husband's bathroom floor suffering from the stomach flu. At one point I was banging on the tile for about 20 minutes hoping my husband would hear me and come up to bring me a new pair of underwear. DON'T ASK! It was that wonderful kind of stomach flu where you get it on both ends. Tons and tons of fun. Of course my hubs thought it was the neighbor playing around with his tools and did not answer my desperate tile plea.

Enough about me and on to little E . . .

Eliza was really on and off all weekend. She was certainly never 100% and her appetite was really weak. She still had a cough and a stuffy nose with occasional vomiting but nothing like Thursday night. We really thought she was getting much better- until last night...

She woke up her in her crib crying at around 5. She was them projectile vomiting for a good hour and a half. I swear my nerves were so shot that I was like we are going to the E.R. I couldn't bear to see my baby in pain anymore.

My husband tell me to get what I need and we will go to the E.R. So I think I pack the diaper bag and we head out in a flustered mess. She is continuing to throw up this entire time. My husband was in such a rush that he ran over my dad's garbage cans when we drove away. He wouldn't even stop to fix them. In the car I had to lift her car seat out off the base so she wouldn't choke while puking. This is not something I want to experience again. The hospital is only about 5 minutes away do we arrived quickly.

Once we got into the E.R we realized Eliza made a mess in her diaper. I go to check my diaper bag and realize I only have that horrific Target diaper and about 3 dried out wipes in the wipe case. I also realize we have no bottles, burp clothes, or anything else we might actually need. Here is how that went...

Dear Husband inquired, " I thought I said to get everything we need ready for the hospital."
Dear Wife responded, " I thought I did. Do I need to remind you that you ran over the garbage cans. Nuff said"

It turns out that even though Eliza threw up she was still hungry and more than a little tired. They informed us that they wold be taking blood to check her electrolyte levels and hooking her up to an IV for fluids. Now the hubs and I argue over who should go home and get everything we are missing. We decide to call my dad and see if he can bring some bottles, wipes and diapers for us- to which he happily responded yes.

They hooked Eliza up to an IV and put on a pee pee bag to see if she is urinating. We settled in for a few hours watching bad t.v, waiting for blood results and for Eliza to get her fluids. Pete held Eliza while she slept and I laid on the comfortable hospital bed wishing I had not worn flip flops because my toes were ice cold.

It is at this time that my husband decided to tell me how annoying he finds my yawn. Apparently I make a noise at the end of my yawn that in irritating. I personally find it endearing and will now continue to do it more loudly than ever. Let me tell you that husbands have such wonderful timing.

When the blood results came back they said her electrolyte levels are good and that her CO2 was a little low but that is normal with her vomiting . They said that we would be going home shortly because it seems viral and there is nothing really to be done for that. They also told us they just needed to call our pediatrician and let her know the results before we could go home.

Here I am thinking we are on our way out when the doctor comes in and tells us that the pediatrician wants a urine sample so they need to put in a catheter. Due to the previous UTI the doctor wants to be safe and make sure it has not returned.

Anyhoo, to make a very long and boring story short, her urine was clear and we are home. The doctor has us giving her soy formula and rice water until she feels better.
I tried to make rice water three times and it just doesn't seem right. It is a bit thick in my opinion. Has anyone had experience with this? I googled it and this is the only thing that popped up.

Dr. Reddy's Pediatric Office on the Web TM had this to say about rice water

Although we have occasionally recommended boiling rice in water, pouring off the water, and serving the water (which contains sugars, minerals, and proteins from the rice) to a child with gastroenteritis, we no longer recommend that; there aren't enough minerals or carbohydrates in the rice water for it to be well-absorbed. Giving rice in the cooking water, however, does seem to help.

If you read this far you are a true bloggy friend and I thank you. I am sure I have a zillion typos and my tenses are way off because I have been typing like a maniac with my stream of conscience thoughts. I am a ball of nerves at this point and certainly have not been feeling well myself. I am not sure if the constant ache in my gut is remnants of my own tummy bug or just nerves. Regardless, this too shall pass and I it just can't be soon enough for me.


Christy said...

I don't know how you are handling everything - and working. My daughter was really sick in December, and I was a nervous wreck. I can't imagine having to to teach on top of everything else. Poor you.

I hope your baby girl is feeling better soon. Summer is right around the corner, and hopefully all this sickness will be a distant memory.

Dana said...

Hang in there Dan.. Less then 2 months and you'll be done with school...

Hope Eliza is feelin better - and you too!!!

Love you!

Amber said...

Whoa...what a trip you've been on! You must be VERY familiar with the hospital staff by now ;) Sorry, that wasn't funny. I tried one of those pleas myself once (in the bathroom). DH didn't hear me either! I have never heard of rice water, hmmmm. Focus on the school countdown! I know I am!

Pam said...

Oh sweety! I am so sorry. I have no idea how you have managed to make it through all this already! You and your poor dear! They keep telling you this is viral.....can anyone explain why it isn't going away?? I just don't even know how you do it...I would be ready to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. I hope you feel better soon and that you can rest and stop visiting the ER very soon. I'm thinking of you!

Andrea said...

Wow...what a weekend. I hope Eliza can get back to normal SOON, because I know how not fun it is to watch your child be sick and feeling awful. Plus, it never helps when you get the flu either. Yikes. I will definitely be thinking and praying for you all!!!

Tipp said...

You need a very long vacation, perhaps in a bubble, like the bubble boy so you will be able to enjoy it.

I also use the worst moments to tell Hubby the things that pisses me off about him. As mean and awful as it is, it is kind of a compliment because it shows that at the worst moments they trust you enough and feel close enough to you to take their stress out on.

Then again, it is not easy, it is still bad timing.

So sorry, things MUST get better for you soon.

Sounds like you had the dreaded Rotovirus.

That IS awful!

Feel better all! And I did read the whole thing and noticed no typos!

Jen said...

I've been out of touch lately but still check in on your blog periodically. I'm so sorry to hear you and Eliza have been sick. But just think how strong your immune systems will be this time next year. You two will be like super heroes. :-) Hang in there.

Mommy Mechanics said...

That sounds awful. I will never again complain about the little stuffy nose we all can't seem to get rid of. Vomiting is the worst! Unfortunately it only gets worse. After my 4 year old got the flu this last time, I have decided to hire a cleaning service to clean it up the next time lol. He hit every room in the house and we couldn't get the smell out for days, that really made me sick, eewww just thinking about it makes me sick all over again. Oh boy, anyway goodluck I hope things get better soon.

Momma On The Go said...

Hope things start to calm down for you asap. I know this time was def. a stomach bug 'cause you had it too but has the doctor considered a possible milk allergy? It took Madison several months to develop hers after being on formula. Soy didn't help 'cause she was allergic to that too. The projectile vomit and diarrea were not constant but it did happen often. I'm no doctor but if Eliza doesn't recoup 100% after this bought with a virus it might be something to think about mentioning to the pediatrician. Good luck and fell better!

Lori said...

wow you all can't catch a break! I hope you both are feeling a WHOLE lot better today. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious wrong with Eliza this time, but the poor little one just needs a month or so to feel herself.

Anonymous said...

u sure have had ur fair share of hospital trips already! u poor thing!