Thursday, May 29, 2008

Autism Walk this Sunday!

Pete, Eliza and I are doing the autism walk this Sunday. I planned on carrying her for the 5K in one of my carriers. I am thinking a back carry in the Mei Tai is the way to go. I love the ring sling but I don't think it would be good for that long of a walk. I am also worried about her pale little skin. She is so white and I want to keep her protected from the sun. I ordered some SAFER sunscreen from TruKids, but it hasn't arrived yet. I know there is a Burt's Bees that is considered safer so I might try that out for oe. My stroller stinks and doesn't really cover her eyes from the sun- but we will bring it anyway.

I am also a little nervous because I have never fed her solids away form home. She REFUSES to take powder formula so I need to bring liquid. The walk is an hour and a half away from our house so that complicates matters even more. I guess it will work itself out- it always does.

I am really looking forward to the walk. I want to take pictures but I am not sure if the hubs will want to bring the camera.

If you would like to donate check out our page!


Motherhood for Dummies said...

good luck wiht the autism walk... what a good cause!

Pam said...

good luck! that is a great cause!

Dana said...

Hope you guys have fun... Wish I was around to walk with you guys!

Amber said...

Yeah! Glad you're participating! Yes...def go with a MT or SSC for a long walk.

No worries about solids away from home...Eliza won't be worried about eating away from home...she'll just want to eat!

Mommy Mechanics said...

Thats great! I'm sure you all will go well.

Laski said...

What a great cause! Eliza is adorable! Gosh . . . growing up right before our eyes!

Momma On The Go said...

Have fun! I'm sure everything will work out. I'm not sure chemically about the sunscreen (bad mommy) but Madison's allergyst recommended Neutrogena when she was an infant.

peaches1027 said...

good luck at the autism walk!

my family and i actually use the trukid sunscreen. i'm a little (well maybe a lot) crazy when it comes to products. i am a HUGE believer in reading labels and using the to check out product safety ratings.

their ratings range from 0-10. zero being safest.

i checked out the ratings on burts bees sunscreen and compared them with trukid sunscreen ratings.
burts was rated at a 3 for safety.
trukid was rated at 0 and 2 for safety.

in my mind, (and the EWG's calculations) trukid sunscreen is the safer choice.

Danielle said...

Peaches! I love the Cosmetic Safety database. I was just figuring the Burt's was better than nothing because my TruKids is not here yet! It is in the mail. I am very careful with what I put on Eliza as well. I am glad I am not the only one.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome cause to walk for. hope u have good weather!!