Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bad Mommy!

Heather aka Future Mom pointed out today that I am a bad mommy who forgets to fill in Eliza's baby book. BAD BAD MOMMY!

So here are some of the things I still need to add: In purple is stuff I am adding tomorrow.

World News and Leaders
Local Events and Leaders
The Economy
Sports Figures
Popular Movies
Best Sellers

The price of
A Gallon on Gas: $2.81
A Loaf of Bread: Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, Sprouted100% Whole Grain $3.39
A Home: $350,000-$400,000
A Car: my car is a VW Passat- in 2007 the price of this car ranged from $19,425 - $27,785
A Jar of Honey (It is a Pooh themed book) $2.69

I also haven't filled in any of her doctor appointments, Immunizations, or her heights and weight, OOOPS


Lori said...

this is why I got a 1st year calender with Blake that had stickers... no thinking required and there was no... you must fill in x,y,z so if I missed anything oh well who will know!

scary facts on how much things cost right now

Future Mom said...

well i wouldn't call you a bad mommy at all...more like a neglecting baby book contributor :) everything else mommy related you are great at!

make sure you put an asterisk and say this stuff added when she was 8 months old cause the gas wasn't this expensive last september...

news: obama & hillary fighting for democratic nomination to replace crappy george w bush

ecomony: SUCKS majorly!!!

sports figures: A-ROD makes most money in baseball i think, eli manning quarterback won the superbowl

popular movies:i dont have any money to see movies because of the economy and all my spending money goes to gas now

best sellers: do they mean books??? what are they LOL...i surely have no clue about this one

i bet the doctor has records of all that stuff in her chart so just ask for it when you go next week.

now when eliza looks back at her baby book someday she will see all of this and thank you. or i can at least read it next time i come over haha

Pam said...

Gas at $2.81 - goodness, I can't even remember the last time gas was less them $3.00.....

baby book? What's that? it gets filled in and doesn't just sit on a shelf?

adiaspeer said...

funny, i think we have the same baby book! i've been working on my 11 month olds book this last week too. my goal is to have it all filled out by his 1st birthday so i can show it off at his party. good luck filling yours in!

Christy said...

I was really great with Porgie's scrapbook, up until month 9. Then I just stopped. And I haven't even started little Izzy's book. Oops!

Missy said...

I am a dork and I am really anal about filling out my kids' baby books. Every line is filled out and up to date. Like I said, because I am a dork.
So not having yours done is not bad - it is probably normal. :)

Andrea said... are not the only one! I remember...but i remember several months after the date for the weight/height, etc. has passed...and so I just make an educated guess! ;) No one will ever know, right? :)

Momma On The Go said...

Where do you buy gas 'cause I just filled up for $3.57 a gallon! I don't really remember what it was 8 months ago though. I'm sure Eliza will forgive you (someday) but I do have to admit that I'm one of those dorky moms who writes down everything that Madison says or does even now. It is the one time in my life that I haven't been a procrastinator!

workingmommy said...

I never wrote in Sonia's book either so I guess I am a baby mommy also!! I hopefully will be better with my new baby coming in October. Only time will tell!!

Stacey Moore said...

noticed your gas price, be thankful b/c our gas is 3.88!!

Zet-Girouard said...

If you think your bad... my daughter is 2 years and I have hardly anything in her book, never mind my 6 months old!
These books are such a great idea BEFORE you have children. lol!

Dana said...

2.81 for gas... Where's that?