Thursday, May 15, 2008

High School Reunion

All the talk over at Because I Said So has got me thinking about my 10 year high school reunion that is coming up in November. Dawn was debating on whether or not she should attend her 20 year reunion. My first thought was NO. But with my own reunion approaching I decided to think about it a little more.

First of all it is only a 10 year reunion. That isn't even long enough for people to get fat or bald. What fun is that? OK, now I am being mean. I see some people I was friends in HS and I am very content with that. I also can see what many others are up to simply by going on Myspace; so why do I need to see them in person? With e-mail, Blogs, Facebook, and Myspace- who needs high school reunions? I might be a little more amped if it were a 50 year reunion. At least I could spend the night getting hammered and making fun of people.

It isn't that I didn't enjoy high school. I actually had a pretty great time. But I am just not sure I really want to spend a night making uncomfortable small talk with people I haven't seen in 10 years. In truth, I hung around with a variety of people but never really found a niche. If you went to high school with me and read my blog ( I really have no clue if anyone from HS even reads my Blog) you probably thought I was part of a group. The problem is- I never felt that way. I was more like a chameleon who that blended in with her surroundings. I basically took on the traits and characteristics of the group I was with at any particular time. I was and still am an oddball.

I am currently leaning 75% towards NO with a 25% (Thanks Stacie- I meant 25%-oops!) chance of yes.

Did you attend any of your reunions?

Do you think I should go?


Angela Fazioli said...

Hey Danielle! I am a fellow CHS grad and unfortunately we never had the option to go or not to go to my reunion last year since no one ever planned one for us! I did always have a feeling you were part of a certain group...but if I go back and really think about it I can see how you were in and out of the same group of people. I dont know that I would have went to our reunion seeing as there are a handful of people I can actually deal with and the rest are just so fake and just love to smile in your face and throw swords in your back as you walk away LOL If given the opportunity for a 20 year reunion I'd probably go...but the 10 I think I may have skipped anyway.

Lori said...

I've never been to my college or HS reunions... granted I don't live in the same state anymore so that makes it a bit more difficult

Pam said...

I did not go to my 5 or 10 year reunion. Just wasn't interested.

Missy said...

My husband and I have actually been having this exact conversation this week - we both graduated from the same class, same high school, and we just got our invite for our 10 year, which is in July. I really want to go, despite the fact that I know what most of the people we graduated with are doing, thanks to myspace and facebook. My husband is the opposite and is REFUSING to go. He says that he really doesn't care to see any of those people. I am nosy - I am sure that plenty of them got fat and such (I am half-kidding. I am not mean like that).
Anyways, I think that we will end up going. I figure that it's only for a couple of hours, once every 10 years, we can go and put on our fake smiles, brag about our beautiful children and nice house, and go home. No big deal.
So - I think that you should go. If anything, it might make for good blogging material. :)

Rebecka said...

I haven't had a reunion yet. But I plan to go if we have one. I had my group.. but I talked to everyone. But spent more time with the people I sat with at lunch.. I don't really know what to say.. I'd go.. but thats your choice

Stacie said...

75% plus 15% does not equal 100%. Where is the other 10%?
Miss ya!

Future Mom said...

we went to hubby's reunion and it was horrendous. what a complete waste of my time and money. first of all it was really expensive for some reason and not worth it at all. apparently he was popular in high school and had a lot of friends so i guess we were expecting a somewhat nice evening.

well i guess all the cool people had other plans that night because the room was full of dorks. not that i have anything against dorks but we were looking for more of the athletes and party types that he was friends with back then. also 10 years really isn't a long time to be out of high school and we certainly didn't have much to brag about in our lives even if we did talk to people. at least if you have a great job or a kid you have something to bring up in a conversation.

the food, music, everything about this reunion sucked. and it was at a very nice and expensive country club so it wasn't like they were trying to put on a crappy party. we spent the whole night at a table with our friends who we see about every other weekend and made fun of everyone we saw. we did not mingle with anyone and all left early.

oh i just remembered there was a guy there that became a porno actor LOL!!!

my high school experience was generally good, i did make friends that i still talk to but i would have nothing to say to people at a reunion. i would be mortified to go and have nobody remember who i was.

i would much rather make plans with my college friends who i never get to be in the same room with all at once. how about a danielle, heather, dana & erika reunion??? that involves just about the same amount of planning as a reunion :)

PletcherFamily said...

This year is my 15th year reunion, but I am not going. Like most people, I am not really interested in seeing those folks again. I keep in touch with the few I wanted to. That is good enough for me. I, like you, never really belonged to a group. I was friends with everyone. Kind of like Switzerland. :) I am very comfortable not seeing them again.
It would be fun to be nosy, but I don't think any of the good people to check out would come anyway!! LOL

Andrea said...

I've never been to a high school reunion...actually, I don't even know if they had one yet or not. :) Buuuut, I think I would probably be on the 75% no side for going to my own high school reunion. Good luck with your decision though!

H.E.Eigler said...

I'm a firm believer of doing what you want to with life. It's too short to spend it doing things you don't want to do with people you don't like. If you dont' wanna go, don't. I didn't go to mine.

Amber said...

I always thought I would go when 10 years rolled around because I had a lot of fun in HS, but no one ever organized it and I live across the country now!

I think it would be fun to go!

Momma On The Go said...

Mine was this past Novemeber. It was a small gradutating calss of around 250 and from that I think only 50 people went. I kind of felt much like you did in high school. Friendly with everyone but not one certain group clicked.