Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about High School

1. Drove a White VW Cabriolet ad a White VW Gulf
2. Worked at Rita's Italian Ice & A Dog Kennel
3. Had my neck cracked regularly by the vice principal
4. Was on the Cheer leading team- regular and competition
5. Attended two cotillions and two proms
6. Drove in a Hummer to graduation.
7. Made a Hummer sized graduation cap for the Hummer
8. Ate Doritos smashed into cream cheese on a bagel for lunch almost
every day
9. Carried around a rice baby that I will tell you is nothing like
10. Was disliked by many jealous nice girls
11. Was nominated for homecoming and had someone draw breasts on my
pics hanging around the school
12. Listened to the key note speaker sing Oops, there goes
another rubber tree plant
at graduation
13. Survived!

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Andrea said...

That is awesome! I wonder if I can even remember 13 things about high school! haha. ;)

LaskiGal said...

You were disliked? No way . . . I think your are right. They were probably jealous of your VWs and awesome lunch choices.

So need to do one like this!

Mommy Brain said...

We had a choice between a 5lb bag of sugar baby or an egg baby. I chose that bag since it was less fragile. And no, you're right, it was nothing like the real thing.

You must post pictures of the hummer.

Jenn said...

Cool ! The food thing sounds like it might be good . I'm too old to remember back that far !