Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting My Summer To Do List DID!

One of the things on my summer to do list was to start a moms group. I have put the wheels in motion for a group in my development. I am actually super stoked about this project. What have I done so far? I designed a flyer, printed them out, and hung them on all the doors and mailboxes in my development. I would say I posted about 35 flyers. Another mom helped me- we were the mini stroller brigade (except she was much cooler than me with her super cute Bugaboo) armed with flyers and tape. It was kinda fun putting them. I have heard from two moms in the development already so I am pleased. That means the group already has 5 members. WooHoo

Here is a pic of my flyer. Too bad it rained and this one got all smeary.

and here is one of E just because it makes me smile

Does anyone attend a mommy group? If so what types of things do you do at your meetings?


Pam said...

I don't belong to a mom's group, but I really wish I did. I would love to have a group to turn to and connect with. I guess that is why I am ultra addicted to blogging. It is my only connection with others going through what I am going through. I wish there were more moms where I live. My neighbors are all 105 years old. No one my age with kids :( Good for you and taking this great step to meeting up with others and making those bonds!

MoziEsmé said...

Cute smiley pic! My baby had the same pacifier - but it is one of many that have been lost. I love that Nuk has so many different colors . . .

I belong to a mom's group - we're connected primarily because we all speak English in this Portuguese speaking country. The drive is a little far usually (it's at a different house every time) - about 45 minutes, so I don't make it every week.

Anyway - we meet for about 1 1/2 hours. 1/2 hour up front for everyone to get there and go through introductions, 1/2 hour of songs for the kiddies like Old Macdonald etc., and 1/2 hour for coffee/juice/snacks and playtime for the kids. Ages are newborn to 2+ years. The networking is great, and I love seeing Esme interact with the other kids.

MoziEsmé said...

Forgot to add - one of the key benefits of the group is email. Whenever we have a question about who to call for plumbing problems or where to borrow an extra car seat for a guest, we shoot an email to the entire group.

Momma On The Go said...

Yay for your group. I have to look inot something like that down here 'cause after 3 years I still don't know any moms in my area. Guess that is why my kid acts like she is a 25 year old half the time more interested in clothes and getting her nails done! Great picture of Eliza!

EP said...

Cograts! It's awesome that you have done so much with it so far.

I do have a question, though. (And it's probably because I'm not a mom.) What does one do in a mommy group? I'm fascinated for my future self. (: