Friday, June 27, 2008

Kids Today

As I have said previously my niece is staying with me this weekend. I absolutely love having her here. She is sweet and funny and helps me out with Eliza- she will even clean stinky diapers. However, I love to go for LOOOONG walks and Alli just can't seem to handle the walking. Two days ago she was sweating and complaining that her legs were tingling after about a half hour. Yesterday she was sweating and moaning after about fifteen minutes. Meanwhile I never even broke a sweat. I am 18 years older than she is. What is wrong with this picture?

Apparently kids don't play anymore. I asked her if she play with the kids in her development and she said NO. In the summer the kids don't play together. WHAAAAT? My mouth was hanging open when I heard her response. She said, "Everyone just stays in their houses!" What?

I inquired further. . .

Me: "Do you play Mother May I?"

Alli: "What's that?"

Me: "You don't now what Mother May I is?

Alli: "Nope."

Me: "How about red light green light?"

Alli: " I have heard of that one."

After I listed all of my favorite childhood activities and receieved similar responses I told her that I thought it was sad that she didn't play outside with her friends. However, she couldn't quite grasp why this saddened me so much. I asked my mom about it and she said that no kids play in our neighborhood either. She surmised they all sit in their air conditioned houses watching TV, playing on the computer, and playing video games. When I was little my mom would threaten to turn off the AC if we didn't go out and play. My husband's mom used to call in her three kids for dinner with a cow bell. It could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Is this what they mean when they talk about the good ol' days. I am only 28 and although my friends and I did not play as much as my mom did when she was little (we did have Nintendo) we still played. Have the days of my childhood become the good ol' days already?

I hope my generation will wake up and raise their children differently. Kids need to get out of their houses and back outside. This is where imaginations soar and socialization skills are fine tuned. It is where we begin to solve the weight issues children suffer from in this country. Kids need to be kids. Parents need to stop over scheduling their kids with activities, discourage solitary indoor activities and just let their kids go outside and PLAY!

Red River, red Rover I call all children playing outside over!

Click here for some fun and free games kids can play!


Pam said...

You are so right! This is a major problem today. I think some of it is that parents are afraid to have their kids play outside because you never can tell what will happen anymore. But, then, to me, the solution should be to get up and go outside with your child. It may not be convenient for the parent, but being a parent isn't about what is easiest for you- it is about what is best for the kids. I do let my daughter watch tv or play on the computer. But she also plays outside everyday during the summer.

Future Mom (Heather) said...

I remember my parents telling me about how they would be outside from the time they got home from school until they went to bed...and outside all day during the summer. When they grew up, there was no video games or camp...they made their own fun hanging out with their friends, swinging on tire swings, playing sports in the backyard etc.

I was definitely a big fan of tv (and super mario) growing up but i was still always outside in my friends' pools, riding bikes, or playing huge games of hide and seek with about 20 kids. Those were the good old days!

I see first hand how kids are these days with my little cousins. The crap they have to play with is way more fun than going outside (because they have no imaginations to think of anything) so I can't really blame them because they don't know any better. I think it's the parents attitudes that they are easier to look after if they are in their bedroom.

When I was younger, I was super athletic and outdoorsy...the hubby was a big couch potato. Hopefully the future kids take after me.

Andrea said...

You're definitely bang-on on this one!! I know for a fact that we will NOT be raising our kids to be tv watchers and video game players. Tate only gets to watch movies when he is sick (and that's not very often!!) and otherwise we find other things to entertain ourselves with...he just goes nuts with excitment whenever we get to go outside!! AND when we have to come inside he cries and CRIES!!

Marmarbug said...

It is so sad! A lot of kids are NEVER outside anymore. We lived outside in the summer. My mom had to drag us inside to eat! I blame technology.

Lori said...

sad to say but this is the common thing today. Parents find it easier to just use the electronic babysitters. Now at the same time I would not let my sons have the run of the neighborhood like I had as a child. I was allowed to be outside pretty much on my own as long as I was in for dinner and before dark. But, today we don't have the same kind of neighborhood feel.

My boys are already outside every day, but under supervision (yes they are under 2), but I think it will be a longggg time before I let them venture out beyond my sight

Christy said...

I was outside ALL the time when I was a kid. Hopefully, my kids will love the outdoors too. But I guess you can't force a kid to play outside.

Jenn said...

You got it! Kids now would rather be inside , anytime we go anywhere even fun places like the zoo or silver dollar city my son spends the whole day saying legs hurt...I'm too hot ...when are we going home? I would have never wanted to leave those places when I was a kid, and if I yapped about it I would have known I'd never be allowed to go again!

Amanda said...

I know just what you mean - i know all of those games! I wish that life were as it was when I was growing up - going out on your bike and not coming home until the sun starts to go down -

Momma On The Go said...

This kills me! We never see kids at the park or outside by us either! Madison throws a fit when we do go inside! I also can't stand how many parents choose the quick fix chicken fingers and fries for meals too. I'm not above feeding Madison this stuff from time to time but we get weird looks and comments when we share a salad at Salad Works! Sorry for the going off topic. BTW haven't heard from sleepy wrap but they are one size just can't decide on a color (thinking orange but not sure if it is me).

EP said...

Oh, wow! I kind of noticed this when I was a camp counselor a few years ago and just how much my kids would complain whenever we did outdoor activities for extended periods of time.

I anxiously awaited summer every year because it meant playing outside 'til late, playing with neighborhood kids, bike rides and, of course, not wearing shoes!

I hope our generation changes this because it's ridiculous that kids these days don't even know those games! I LIVED for those!

aunt amber said...

I totally agree with this post. and this is classic:
'My husband's mom used to call in her three kids for dinner with a cow bell. It could be heard throughout the neighborhood.'
lol thanks for bringing the memory back