Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Are you a mom who is so busy with their kids/work/life that they forgot that this Sunday is Father's Day? Are you a wife who is trying to get their man something other than the standard tie or set of golf balls? Well if so, then keep reading...I have come across two great products I would like to share with you. Even though this week is half over, don't worry because there's still time to get a great gift!

The first product is the Philips AJL308 clock radio. This awesome little gadget is a great combination of a clock radio, mp3 player, digital picture frame, and more! If your hubby is still using the same cruddy old alarm clock from his college days, then here is a great opportunity to upgrade him. With this gift, he can wake up to his favorite music and photos of you & the kids every morning. (To make it even more special, you can load it up with his favorite music and photos before you give it to him. It has a USB port and is also compatible with certain memory cards.) The screen is a great size of 7" to view your photos, video, or just the date and time. The alarm clock has a great feature that starts out softer and gets louder until you eventually turn it off. I am a fan of this function because when a regular alarm clock goes off it basically scares the crap out of me. This is a much nicer way to start your day. It also has dual alarms so each of you can get up at different times. If he doesn't need an alarm clock at home, he can take it to the office and be able to look at photos and videos of the family while he works. This product is available at many electronics stores and online retailers - Check out your local Best Buy or Circuit City to pick one up!

The second product is the Philips Norelco Arcitec Electric Shaver. This electric razor is absoultely amazing! I actually got it for the hubby last Christmas & he is completely in love with it. Prior to this, he would never use an electric razor because all of the ones he had bought in the past were total pieces of crap. He said that this is the closest shave you can get without using a regular razor blade. This electric shaver pivots 360-degrees for a more meticulous shave on his face and neck. It is very easy to use, and he can get the job done extremely quick because you don't have to go over an area multiple times like you might have to do with other electric razors. It also has an attached trimmer to maintain facial hair and sideburns. My hubby also has sensitive skin and would get really bad razor burn from shaving regularly. Since using this, it has reduced dramatically. Most likely because you do not have to press hard, it just glides over your face very easily. He also enjoys the fact that it is not a hassle to clean when you are done. We bought ours at Target, however it is also available at Best Buy and online.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to those of you looking for gifts and I wish you all a great Father's Day Weekend! Also a very happy first father's day to Pete :)


Mommy Mechanics said...

I really need to get my husband that clock/radio thing so he can stop using his cell phone for an alarm clock lol.

Dana said...

Hmmm... what to get Brian's Dad!!

The Writer's Life said...

That's funny... I still use my Cell Phone as the alarm clock too!

FYI - I found some neat gadgets for my (tech-savvy) dad at Swiss Tech Tools