Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts Part 2

Here's one more Father's Day gift idea for those of you who really really wait till the last minute! And even if you have this holiday under control, there is always his birthday or Christmas. (Yeah I get my Christmas shopping done way early.)

I recently got my hands on one of these Insignia MP3 fitness bundles from Best Buy. What better way to motivate your man during workouts than 500 songs? Even if he works out everyday, it will take a while to get bored with that many to choose from. He can have his soothing melodies for the yoga class and then switch to the intense rock to keep him motivated on that super boring treadmill. The accessories that are included with this MP3 player's "bundle" are a $10 Digital Music store gift card to get you started with your playlist and an adjustable armband to keep it securely fastened while you exercise. It also comes all wrapped up around this totally enormous 32 ounce water bottle. I have seen a lot of guys at the gym (yeah I used to go there for a couple of weeks) with those teeny water bottles which they drink in about 2 seconds. Seriously I don't even understand how someone could drink all of the water in this bottle.

This is literally the smallest and lightest MP3 player I have ever seen and I could not believe that it has a color screen. Some other features are that you can rate the songs you like the most, listen for 25 hours without recharging the battery, and it is also bluetooth compatible. Another bonus is that it can play videos too!

I just love gifts that you can buy for your husband and then just borrow it all the time. In case some of you don't know all about how I quit the gym because it was cutting into my nap & tv time...this would also be great for laying on the beach or pool sipping a cold drink and working on your tan. Or if you are not a lazy bum like me, this could be the perfect item to motivate you both to get healthy!