Monday, June 23, 2008

Meme Monday

Grabbed this one from Dana! Happy Meme Monday.

If I had a dime for every...time I kissed Eliza- I would be a rich momma.

If I could catch a star I'd... set it free into the universe.

If you saw me cry you'd... know something was really wrong because I rarely cry in front of people

If you could read my eyes they'd tell you... I am in love

If I could go back 5 years I would... not waste time on people who have done my wrong

If you saw me walking...I would be cruising with Eliza

If I could fly, I'd fly to... Any quiet and calm island with white sand and clear blue water. (I am keeping Dana's response!)

If I had a black cat sitting in front of me, I'd... want to adopt him.

If I could live in the Big Apple I'd... Be miserable. Green acres is the place for me.

If I had to leave my soul mate I'd... be broken hearted. And he would be on the 9th hole.

If I could be a movie star I'd be... miserable. I would be on the cover of every magazine with no make-up and dirty clothes.

If I did a trick it would be... to disappear.

If I had half a million I'd... never work again.

If I could pick only 6 things in the house to have for 1 year, it would be... Computer, books, food, water, pen, paper

If I really could have a dream come true it would be... for my husband to have a job he loves.

If the drinking age was lowered... I would have to go back in time and get crackalackin.

If aliens really do exist...I hope they don't give me an anal probing.

If school wasn't required... parents might start to teach their own children.

If I had a special power…I'd want to be invincible.

If I am what I eat... I am a nut!

If I am rubber and you are glue... now that is just silly.

If I ruled the world... no animal or child would ever be abused.

If dogs are a man's best friend... they can pick up his dirty undies off of the floor!

If time heals all wounds... I need a lot of time.

If I won the lottery... I would not tell a single soul. Ok- I would tell Pete.

If actions speak louder than words... I'm going to give Eliza and Pete a BIG KISS.

If I died today...I would leave behind a tiny miracle.

That was fun- join in and play along.


Dana said...

YAY!! I am so glad you played along... AWESOME answers!

LaskiGal said...

These are fun! I may have to steal!

"If I could be a movie star I'd be... miserable. I would be on the cover of every magazine with no make-up and dirty clothes." I so agree!!!

Pam said...

you are so real and fun! I love it!

Andrea said...

That WAS a good one! I'm not much for memes...but this one I like!