Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dads in the Delivery Room

If you are a mom who had (or is planning to have) a natural birth, it is no secret that the whole process may take a while.  Many dads probably don't know what they should be doing during this time...but I'll give them a hint - do whatever you say!  I have heard some very interesting stories from friends & family members about what their husbands were doing in the delivery room and I am really not expecting much from the hubby in this department.  A few years ago we were discussing with a friend whether the dad would want to be up by the wife's head or "down there" when the baby is born.  I would really prefer the first option, but when I looked to the hubby for his answer, he tells the friend that he will probably be out looking for the vending machine. 

I found this funny article on the cradle where women wrote in stupid and annoying things that their husbands & boyfriends were doing while they were in labor.  Here are a few of the best ones...

1. talking on the phone to friends or making work phone calls
2. surfing the web or returning emails
3. fighting with them over the remote
4. chewing gum & blowing bubbles during contractions
5. flirting with the nurses or talking about golf with the doctor
6. telling people it's ok to come in the room to say hello or to stay for the birth
7.  asking the doctor to bring them a coffee
8.  fainting
9.  laying in the bed
10.  asking her to be quiet during contractions because he is trying to sleep

How helpful was your husband/boyfriend during the birth of your child? Anyone with funny stories to share?


Pam said...

well, after reading that- I guess my hubby was very helpful! During the early labor he was watching basketball on tv. But when it came time to push, he was by my side- not down there or at my head- at my side helping to hold my leg during contractions. I don't have the fastest deliveries (I pushed for 3 hours with my first and 45 minutes with my 2nd - this is not typical, everyone else goes much faster) so I must give him credit for not doing the things on that list!

Danielle said...

Pete was absolutely awesome in the delivery room. I wouldn't have minded if he napped or surfed the web. It might have been better then him starting to rub my leg before each contraction even hit! I am surprised hedidn't find someone to talk to about golf! I can't wait until it is Ian's turn!

Jenn said...

I had been there three times before but it was a first for my hubby. He was great he did what I told him to do and he remembered everything I had said to him before hand and did that too! I run and pee right up till the point I'm ready to push and he came with me everytime and held all the tubes and things and always hooked them all back up when I got back on the bed. When the baby came out and he cut the cord they took him over to the warmer and I kept saying I don't hear him over and over until I did and he held my hand thru it and never left my side. Later that night he told me he was freaking out and wanted to go see but thought it would scare me more so he stayed with me instead so I wouldn't freak out!

Jenn said...

Oh ,In case you didn't see I answered you yesterday on my comments, I get them all at walmart since it's the only store in this crappy town!

Amanda said...

Brian did pretty well - we were in the hospital over night before the first child - so he slept alot. One of our friends was also having their baby the same day (in another hospital) - so they kept texting each other for updates - the little ones were born one hour apart.
For the pushing, he held my legs with my mom. He did really good! For the 2nd born - we were at the hospital at 6am - so he slept some more while things were starting. Then he was with me holding legs again for pushing (which was MUCH shorter this time around). I was in so much pain (before pushing) and I could hear his concern for me while he talked to others.
My biggest thing was he went out to get lunch and I was SO afraid he wouldn't be back in time, but he was!!

MoziEsmé said...

After it was all over, he said it was easier than he expected! It was harder than I thought it would be! His explanation was he thought he would have to just watch while I screamed, but he was really able to help a lot and felt useful + plus I didn't scream!

I had a water birth, and he was right in the tub with me, blood and all (just bein' real!). I was lying back on him and he helped support through all the contractions. 6 hours of this! I was so focused on the pain I didn't think about it at the time, but that is an awful long time to prune away in a bloody tub! But baby saw both him and me as soon as she came out, and they've had a special bond ever since. This is definitely an area where I married a real winner!

Amber said...

My husband reminded me during a contraction that I wasn't doing what we learned in our birthing class...I didn't need that reminder...I was just trying to make it through!!!

Missi said...

My hubby was very sweet and supportive! He even cleaned up mucus and fluid that dripped when I was walking! I think I remember him saying that the "contractions don't look that bad on the chart." After she was born (and she was nursing immediately), he finally said, "can I hold her now! It's my turn!"

Dana said...

good post Heather... very funny!

Lindsey and Adam said...

Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! And thanks for the tips! I'm so very nervous to give my baby girl real people food!!!
I have no weird Daddy stories for ya, though. My husband watched our babe come out and I so could not look because I was afraid I would cry and then I wouldn't be able to push and get her out! Funny, huh? :D
Well keep on stoppin' by and I'll do the same!
Lindsey :)

Momma On The Go said...

This time around was amazingly relaxing considering my insides were hanging out during the c-section. Justin counted the rags that went in and then how many came out just like last time but we all were discussing (docs and nurses included) the different Palace Resorts and what we liked best about each one. Oh and Justin was talking about how awesome the Red Bull Margaritas at a restaurant called Sails are down in Ocean City. Other than having someone else give birth to my daughter I couldn't have asked for a better experience!