Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Triple Threat Approach to Battling the Rays!

We are going on our first family vacation to Hatteras in a few weeks and I have been really worrying for a while about how to protect my fair skinned beauty from the sun. I did my research and ordered some Trukids Suntan lotion which I absolutely love. If you are looking for a safer suntan lotion for your kids you should most definitely check out this product.

Unfortunately, I think we all know that lotion alone is a far from perfect solution to hazardous rays. So I am attacking this issue with a triple threat approach.

1. Applying suntan lotion that is non-toxic and paraben, SLS and phthalate free
2. Avoiding the midday sun

3. Using swimwear that provides UPF 50+ protection * more info on UPF Ratings

I remembered seeing swimwear that provided sun protection on TV back in January. I did an online search and found an amazing product called Sunbusters. As I have stated before I am a big supporter of business started by moms. The company behind Sunbusters, DaRiMi Kidz, was founded by two moms, one from Australia and one from the U.S. They have worked together to ensure that American moms can get hip protective swimwear that was previously only available in Australia. I was to extend a big Thanks to these mommas for making this possible.

All of the Sunbusters swimwear provides sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+ and blocks over 98% of all ultraviolet (UV) rays. How awesome is that? Using this swimwear, keeping Eliza out of the midday sun and diligently applying suntan lotion will give my little angel the protection she needs. I have no intention of doing the mom walk of shame with a sunburned infant.

Here is Eliza wearing her All in One long sleeve in Bella Blue and Rosa Pink. Doesn't she look just like a little surfer chick? This is only one of the many styles they carry.


Sunbusters also makes matching hats to accompany the swimwear so your little one can be totally coordinated and safe.This swimwear is absolutely adorable and in my opinion a must have for parents who plan to have their little ones in the sun this summer. I swear if they made these in my size I would have one already. Can't you picture Eliza and I in matching swim wear? OK! I would get Pete some matching board shorts too. :)

DaRiMi Kidz also donates some of their profits to organizations working to prevent skin cancer worldwide.

The summer is still young so check out the site or use the store finder to find a store near you that carries these awesome products and keep your little ones sun safe this summer.


Momma On The Go said...

Like always you sound very well prepared. I just won Land's End uv protection swimwear from a blog. It is size 18 months in anticipation of next summer for Stella. You are more than welcome to borrow it until then if you're interested!

Amber said...

What an adorable suit!! Eliza looks like she has grown since I've last posted! Don't forget your solarveil RS!!

Amanda said...

Now that is a cute suit!!!! She looks adorable!!!

EP said...

You are totally prepared! And I love how you've done your research. It's awesome what you found. And to top it all off, Eliza is totally cute in the suit!

Andrea said...

I love that style of swimsuit...the colors are super cute on Eliza! We're getting one of these for Tate right away (different brand, but the same idea), and I can't wait to try it out on him!

Pierrette said...

I have the same approach, love the pics she is too cute