Wednesday, July 30, 2008

School Zone Products!

Like all babies Eliza loves touching everything I don't want her to touch i.e. remotes, cell phone, and keys! I used to be able to hide the stuff behind a pillow and POOF! out of sight out of mind. Well, now Eliza knows where I have hidden these desirable objects. Darn that object permanence. Know that she knows things are gone for good she is really loving to play games like a Peek-A-Boo. She actually hides behind the couch and waits for me to scare her, It is actually pretty adorable. She also enjoys life the flap book more than she did a few months ago. So when I was given the opportunity to test out a Peek-A-Boo puppy game form School Zone I said of course! Since this object permanence is here to sat I might as well work with it and find a better place to hide my cell phone!

School Zone publishing recently sent me an adorable puppy Peek-a-boo game for Eliza. It is called Peek-a-Boo Puppy Surprise Party. However, I think E's favorite part is the Velcro! I like the concept but the magnet could definitely be a little stronger. It is a tad bit wimpy in my opinion. I was dissapointed that the cards tend to fall of easily. My 10 year old niece said she would like the game better in the form of a book. I think I agree with her. Sometimes I think kids have a better perspective on these things than adults. E does like to play with the cards and loves to lift the flaps. The puppy at the top is adorable and I love how you can cover and uncover his eyes. peek-a-Boo is a favorite game of E.

It comes with magnetic cards with flaps and a base card with a magnetic plush toy, and a parent guide. The cards are sturdy and have so far withstood Eliza's teething. She will play on the floor with the velcro cards for quite a while.
In addition to the puppy they also have a bear and a bunny. School Zone also has some other great baby products I would love to get for E like the Fuzzy animal cards. They also have many other products for kids of all ages. I actually used School Zone flashcards for centers in my Kindergarten classroom. The worked great in pocket charts.

Am I the only one who is in shock that back to school is only right around the corner?


Lori said...

very cute... and no I can't believe school is going to start up again soon (even it doesn't really effect me)

MoziEsmé said...

Sounds like a cute product! Esme loves peekaboo, too, and it's now become hide n seek - very fun!Usually we hide while she finds us, and then she hides in the same place while we "look" for her.

Amanda said...

You should see my cell phone - it has taken a severe beating over the last year by a 22 month old little boy!!! Now he sticks it to his ear and says 'ello' - and takes my keys to the door and tries to put the key's cute!
And, what a cute book - we love to play peek a boo!!!

OHmommy said...

Looks like such a darling product.

My Fifi loves to play peekaboo. I might have to check this out and dish out some money on the poor third child. She never gets anything new and fun. ;)

Andrea said...

That stuff sounds awesome...and yeah, I can hardly believe that the summer is almost over!! It's crazy! I'm not ready for winter again!! Or school!

melanie said...

I checked out their site and they do have some fun stuff!

It's amazing that it's already back to school time. Where did summer go?