Thursday, July 10, 2008

Soothing our way to Slumberville

I recently received a CD called "Dream Baby" to try out with Eliza. I have to admit that I was getting pretty tired of listening to the Baby Einstein Lullaby CD after 9 months! The "Dream Baby" CD is a harp CD by Merry Miller. Before getting the CD I really knew nothing about harp music or how it effected the brain. I was pretty much open to trying anything with Eliza because she has such difficulty settling in for naps and bed time. Yesterday's post was a perfect example of my struggle!

According the paperwork I received with the CD, the harp is medically proven to help stop kids from crying- and adults too. It also states that harp music is soothing for kids with Autism. the notes played on the harp lower the level of stress hormone cortisol and raises the level of melatonin. In other words, it helps to relax you when you are stressed. Eliza does have a difficult time settling down and I have noticed she is much more relaxed after a few minutes of listening she drifts off to slip. She is usually asleep by track number #4. I also feel quite relaxed while listening to the music so I think the harp sounds are helping to relieve my stress as well.

I used it the very first night when it arrived and I have to admit the music is very soothing. It was actually a refreshing change after nine months. I listen to whatever Eliza is listening to through the baby monitor. OK- who am I kidding-we all know I usually end up holding Eliza while she sleeps so I am right there in the room listening too. The CD has some of my favorite childhood songs including "You are my Sunshine", "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Puff the Magic Dragon".

I asked my husband what he thought of it and he said he just wished it was longer. I happen to agree with him on this point. I could use more of the harpy goodness. However, he says it put him to sleep a whole bunch of times. hee hee. I have been listening to Baby Music exclusively since I received it in the mail. I do wish it would help Eliza stay asleep but so far that hasn't happened. A mom can dream right?

Click here to listen to a sampling of the songs.


Pam said...

that sounds great- I wish we had that while Riley was having sleeping issues. I could use something to calm me and relieve my stress.....maybe it will work on me too!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks...i have been looking for a new lullaby CD for N. i 2 am sick of the baby einstein one. it is the only 1 we have. will have to check it out.

Christy said...

Sounds like a nice CD. I use white noise to help keep Izzy asleep. Porgie is so loud!

Dana said...

you always find the grreatest things for Eliza.. You're such a good mommy... No, A GREAT Mommy!