Sunday, August 24, 2008

A day in the Life of ME!

parenting blog carnival

It is blog carnival time. Now you get to see how other moms spend their days. Here is my exciting day. For being a completely unstructured person my day with Eliza seems pretty routine. I am too tired to really be creative and I keep swatting ants off of myself- whether they are real or imaginary has yet to be determined.

Wakey, Wakey Time!!! Usually E wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30. If it is 6;30 I try to shoosh her back to sleep. This rarely works.

6:30 Changed that diaper!

7:00 Yumm-O breakfast time. I also use this time sign about eating. Eliza takes this time to grunt at me to get the food in faster. She just started eating waffles last week!

7:30 Eliza drinks her bottle in her play yard. Mommy drinks her coffee and checks her e-mail.

8:00 Play! & I attempt to stuff cloth diapers while chasing E around
8:30 ish go for a walk- usually with Rose and Alessia. Lately Eliza gets fussy so I end up wearing her and pushing an empty stroller. It is all the rage. You should try it out sometime. Steering with one hand is so much fun.

9:30 ish Go up to E's room so she can look at her books for a little bit. Sometimes we listen to Weird Al Yankavic and Kate Winslet sing "I Need a Nap" on her Dog Train CD.

10:00 I read one story, wrap her up,turn on her harp music and she is usually out in 2 minutes.

10:00-10:40 Mommy Time- This involves frantically completing some chores and eating so I have time to check my google reader before E wakes up.

11:00 LUNCH! Usually toast, maybe yogurt, some fruits and veggies

11:30-2:00 We usually play during this time house, ball, dance etc. I also use this time to reinforce her baby signs. Sometimes I snag a shower if she will sit in her swing and E gets her bath (every other day). Sometimes we run errands or got to the library. E usually watches one episode of Baby Einstein- usually World Animals or Backyard Animals because E looooves them and I can do the baby signs for the animals.

2:00-3:30 Nappy Time! This time she naps on my bed and I read, write or fold laundry. OK sometimes I snooze too! We only have one bed rail so I am bedroom ridden during this time.

3:30 Bottle & a snack

3:30-6:00 Usually we go for another shorter walk. I might attempt to prep some dinner if E is cooperative.

6:00 Din Din for E

6:30 Mommy puts on the T.V. YAY!!!!! Daddy will be home in an hour!

7:00 If I am making dinner I TRY to get serious about it by 7:00. Eliza's plan is to foil all my plans of making dinner.

7:30 Bottle & Daddy Gets Home!

8:15 Bed time Routine! Pajamas, Teeth, Three Books, Kiss, Wrap Music & Rock to Sleep all usually done by daddy.

8:30 Pete and I eat dinner. I usually try to hop on the computer at this time.

9:00 I can't lie- I am usually in bed reading by nine!

My day is maddeningly mundane and boring. I am sorry I just bored you all to tears. I guess some days are more exciting with play dates, swim class mom's group or trips to the zoo! But most days it's just me and E doin it the best we can.

Check out my favorite Nap Time song!

I Need a Nap - Weird Al Yankivic and Kate Winslet


half pint pixie said...

Thanks for joining in! You'll be glad to know I'm another empty stroller-pushing babywearer. I get some amount of looks as we walk through the village with littlepixie pushing the stroller herself while leaning out of the ringsling!

I must make waffles for LP, I've never had them! But they sound good :) LP is sleeping beside me, but I must listen to that song later, I love Wierd Al!

Christy said...

Very interesting! I have posted our schedule before, but it is always changing. Maybe I should post it again?

Do you still swaddle Eliza?

Anonymous said...

I have to ditto on the wearing the baby pushing the empty stroller bit as well! Our babies know a good thing when they got it! A few months ago I started leaving the sling in the car so I don't forget it when we go out. But on the occasion I do bring it in the house Svara insists on being carried in the sling on and off throughout the day.

Lori said...

ahhhh the days of two nap times... how I miss it!

Missi said...

I think it's a great fun day!! It won't be much longer and she'll sign all the animals she sees at the zoo! (I don't know the sign for "donkey" but when I told Lillian that we were about to see a donkey, she started signing "monkey! monkey!")

Andrea said...

I like reading other people's schedules! haha...yeah, I know...I find schedules exciting! Weird. Anyways, sometimes I see/find/hear of a neat idea in someone else's schedule and want to add it to ours! :)

Amber said...

Sounds like a delicious day!

MoziEsmé said...

Actually, that sounds like quite the busy day. I know how exhausting those days can be!