Friday, August 8, 2008

Pregnancy Craziness!

So, here I am typing my Friday blog and it took me a whole week to realize that I forgot to post LAST Friday! So sorry....hope I don't get kicked off of! I am going to blame it on being pregnant. I have been using the "I'm pregnant" excuse for a lot of things lately (example: Taco Bell for lunch two times this week...gotta love the Three Alarm Fire Sauce). Why not take advantage of it now while I can, right?

Anywho, things have been VERY hectic at our joint the past couple of weeks. If you didn't already know, both my husband and I are teachers. I don't work during the summer (I did work as a beverage cart girl at a golf course at the beginning of this summer, but I had to quit to due ETREME morning/afternoon/evening sickness). My husband works construction during the summer. So, I have been home trying to empty our wedding-gift-filled guest room (we got married 3 years ago...hahah) so that we can start decorating the little peanut's room before we go back to school...only 3 weeks left!

WELL, to make a long story short, my DH (as Danielle says) decided we NEEDED to tile our kitchen before the baby's room. I did agree, but I have been living at my parents house since last Saturday. Love my parents and my sisters, but I just can't get anything done at MY house. All of my kitchen appliances and washer/dyer and in my living room and dining room. I have no choice but to be at the rents. So, I have been visiting my classroom lately because the next three weeks will be devoted to cleaning up the downstairs and getting the peanut's room ready after the tile finally gets put down.

Until you become prego, a woman doesn't realize how much planning goes into getting ready for a baby! These are the things I have accomplished so far:

  • Hospital tour...I think that was my last post.
  • Supervised the hubby while be put in a ceiling fan in our bedroom (the 3rd floor is extrememly hot...we don't want a little sweaty peanut, do we?)
  • Looked for baby furniture. See my first choice at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. I like it with the luggage handles...what do you think? I have to order it soon....they said it could take up to 16 weeks....and I am 16 weeks prego!
  • Scheduled our 20 week ultrasound to find out what the sex of this little peanut is....Thursday, September 4th. I think it is either a boy or a girl! hahahah!
  • Began registering for what we could at Babies "R" Us. We will finish the registry once we find out the sex. I think we are going to do Pottery Barn Baby as well.
  • Signed up for a Breastfeeding Thursday, August 14th.
  • Signed up for a Grandparent's course that will be on November 20th.
  • Signed up for a Lamaze Saturday, August 16th from 8:30-4:30! Can you tell we are trying to get everything done before school starts?

Now, here is the list for what still needs to be accomplished:

  • Put up molding/trim in baby's room
  • Paint baby's room
  • Order furniture
  • Finish registering
  • Attend courses/classes
  • Continue to fill out pregnancy journal
  • Paint kitchen
  • Put knobs on kitchen cabinets
  • Crown molding whole downstairs and master bedroom
  • Chair rail in the master bedroom and paint the top half a cream
  • Curtains in master bedroom and baby's room
  • Put in wood floors on the first floor

WHEW! I know all of those things AREN'T necessary, but we have been living in our condo for 3 years and the DH and I are afraid (well, not scared, but actually just coming to the realization) that once the peanut comes that we won't have enough time to get all this done! We want to be able to enjoy all the time we can with our precious little peanut! My little Eliza is growing before my eyes and she's not even mine!

I will end with a weirdo pregnancy symptom/side effect/whatever you want to call it that I have been having the past two days: MY BELLY ITCHES! It has gotten bigger....I will post a picture soon....once my life is in order again! Maybe it's stretching? Has anyone else experienced this? Let me know so I don't think I am going NUTS! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Mommy-to-Be Stacie


Rose said...

Yea I remember the belly itches. I think part of it is the stretching - don't forget to rub belly butter on it so you don't get stretch marks! I had a friend in my pre-natal yoga class that itched all over for part of her pregnancy, and I remember reading it in the books that it could happen. Just one of many "fun" side effects of being preggo!

MoziEsmé said...

Wow - you folks are very ambitious! But you're right - you won't have time to do much of that stuff once baby comes. I remember wishing I had gotten more done, but I kept putting it off because baby was still months away, right?!

Belly itching - definitely a pregnancy thing!

And I ate Taco Bell quite often during my "morning" sickness phase - cheese quesedillas were one of the few things I could stomache. Maybe that's why I gained 40 pounds instead of 25?! Enjoy it!!!