Friday, August 29, 2008

What do you think?

Hey everyone! I was missing in action again...sorry! My husband FINALLY finished tiling and painting our kitchen so I have been moving back in, reorganizing, and cleaning for the past week and a half! Today was the first day that I actually felt like I was back in my "home".

I do have some exciting news though.....well, to me it is! In less than a week....(drumroll please!)...WE FIND OUT THE SEX OF OUR LITTLE PEANUT!!! I am like totally psyched! The little peanut has been moving around quite often these days (this baby MUST love the beach...the was the MOST that I ever felt it!) so I feel that finding out is going to make being pregnant and becoming a MOMMY even more real!

SO, you people probably think I have been slacking, instead of posting like I should have been, but little do you know that I was trying to find out the sex of my baby on my own. That's right, I have done every quiz and test possible and I have read up on all of the old wives tales as well! Here are my results:

- The fetal heartbeat of my little peanut has been between 150-160 everytime at the doctor. The old wives say that a heartbeat 140 and below means it's a boy. So, this test says I am having a girl. Boy - 0 points/Girl - 1 point

- Remember my ultrasound post? According to my friend Meg, she sees three dots (I still have yet to see these). Three dots means a hamburger (a.k.a girl). Boy - 0 points/Girl - 2 points

- According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar I am having a girl. Boy - 0 points/Girl - 3 points

- I have read that if you are gaining weight in your tush and hips it is a girl. I asked my mom, because she is ALWAYS so honest with me and she said I have gained in my belly and boobs. SO.... Boy - 1 point/Girl - 4 points.

- I experienced a TERRIBLE first trimester full of morning/afternoon/and evening sickness. According to the old would be a girl. Boy - 2 points/Girl - 5 points.

- My husband says "I'm glowing and don't look disguisting like some other pregnant woman". Supposively, I am having a boy because if it were a girl she would steal my looks away! Boy - 3 points/Girl - 4 points.

- Not sure if you want to know this, but my urine has been neon yellow....that means a boy! I refused to try the whole Draino test. Sorry! Boy - 4 points/Girl - 4 points.

- Rose, from The Mommy Monoblogs, said that if your nose changes (gets wider) than it's a girl. My dog Lucy (she was the only one around while typing this) said it has stayed the same so it must be a boy. Boy - 4 points/Girl - 4 points.

- Craving sweets? Me - no. I'm into spice, meatball sandwiches, Elios pizza, and vinegar! That means a boy! Boy - 5 points/Girl - 4 points.

- I did the whole rip a piece of my hair out and tie it to my engagement ring test. I held it over my belly and it moved from side to side. That means a boy. Boy - 6 points/Girl - 4 points.

I have no "feeling" of what it is. Although a few weeks ago I had a dream I was walking through one of the buisness building at the college I went to holding a baby girl. A guy, no names mentioned, who I use to work with years ago and have had NO contact with what-so-ever was pushing the stroller. Everyone thinks it is a boy....even the fine ladies at the nail salon.

I took an online quiz that had many of the old wives tales stated as questions and it came up 50% chance it was a girl and 50% it was a boy! Less than 6 days until we find out the truth, or maybe not. My one neighbor JENNIFER told me SHE was suppose to be a boy...GERALD! WHAT DO YOU THINK???

~Mommy-to-Be Stacie

P.S. I hated Lamaze. Too serious for my taste. That's why I can't even bring myself to sign up for yoga. I can't relax. I am not a relaxing person. That class confirmed I have adult ADD!


Danielle said...

I def. thought you were having a boy! but now I am not so sure. HHMMMM I have heard the girl stealing beauty theory but I thought I looked half decent and E is a girl. My nose didn't change at all either and no weight in the hips or thighs- didn't even need preggers undies. I can't wait to find out- you had better send a text to me!

oh- and that quiz says there was an 80% chance that E was a boy! haha

Dana said...

it was soooo much fun not knowing what Eliza was... Are you sure you want to find out? There are such few true surprises in life - this could be a great one!!

Dana said...

i mean it was fun as an aunt, LOL....

Rose said...

those quizzes were fun, but it was even more fun hearing what people thought I was having and what made them so convinced they were right. Can't wait to find out what you're having! I can never tell, so no guesses here.

You crack me up with the adult ADD! The prenatal yoga isn't too serious and it really helps any aches and pains, especially as you get bigger.

Steph Corwin said...

Oh I love these! It is so fun to hear what people think it will be, and then finding out for sure a few days later :) though 50/50 chance... didn't really change your odds all that much :)

amber said...

I'm betting it is a girl!

Mommy-to-Be Stacie said...

I cannot wait until January to find out! I am such a planner...I need to know what it is! I thought about it only being one of the few surprises in will be a surprise of what it looks like!