Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wife in the North

I told my husband we are moving to Northumberland ! Well if moving to Ocracoke doesn't work out than maybe I will try out Northumberland. I just finished reading Wife in the North and the snarky humor of Judith O'Reilly still has me laughing. O'Reilly, journalist and mom of three, makes the decision to move to Northumberland to support her husband in his dream to live in the country. The story is written bloggy style and tells the tale of how she tries to find her place in a small rural community while secretly pining for her former city life. O'Reilly is very relatable as we have all felt a little out of place at some point in our lives.

This mom blogger got a book deal. I'm still waiting for mine in the mail. But she is that good, she is that funny, and she is that REAL! Her words flow off of the page and into your heart. It is no surprise that I find myself thinking cor blimey about a lot of things these days. And although I have never been stranded in the English countryside after my husband forgot to fill up the gas tank - I can totally relate to this mom. You will run the gamut of emotions as you read about her quest to make it work in what at times seems like an impossible situation.

Here is a snippet that had me in stitches. O'Reilly describes her efforts to make Christmas memorable for her children by reading The Night before Christmas on Christmas Eve.

I eventually found it under my five-year-old's bed but I do wonder whether my fury outweighed the the cosy few minutes of festive domesticity under the duvet of reading the damn thing. I can just imagine: "Yeah my brother and I had this bet each Christmas. We would hide this old book she was desperate to read to us and we'd see how long it would take her to say the 'F' word when she couldn't find it. Dear old mum. Of course she is in a home now for the criminally insane. She did love Christmas though.

She and her husband spend two years in Northumberland, a trial period of sorts, before deciding if they will stay or pack it in and head back to London.

Check out Wife in the North to find out if this mom will stay or go?


Amber said...

That sounds like an awesome read!! Since starting school, I haven't cracked a book...

Dana said...

does sounds good!!

Mommy Mechanics said...

Sounds pretty good!