Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am forever on the look out for quality children's literature. When I was a Kindergarten teacher I came across many, many amazing books. Now as a mom I continue my search for books Eliza will enjoy. My latest find is a book called Always. It is a beautiful picture book that celebrates the unconditional love that exists between a parent and a child. Through the use of beautiful watercolor illustrations, and simple yet moving text, this book will jump start conversations about how parents will continue to love their children regardless of their mistakes.

The book reminds me of my little E when it says, "Do you love me when I am gentle?. Do you love me when I am not?" I picture her tackling and crushing our cat Gary. The answer, of course, is that parents will Always love their children no matter what. Even when Eliza throws all her peas on the floor after I have just finished washing it, or pees on the carpet before I can get her new diaper on, or decides to stay up all night long- I will love her, because that is what we moms do- LOVE! It is this unconditional love that I have discovered in Eliza's first year of life. The love for a child is indescribable, all consuming and wonderful.

Check out Always with your little one.


Amanda said...

Oh yes, this sounds like a great book!!

And, I just love that your cats name is Gary!!!

Dana said...

so cute.... ill have to check it out for my class!!

Missy said...

I love a good book for the kids! I will have to check our library when we go next week.