Thursday, September 11, 2008


aaahhhh! It is my favorite part of the day. I am sitting sipping a white wine spritzer (NO! I am not preggers) and listening to Eliza's lullaby through the monitor. Pete is putting her down and she was OK with daddy putting her down tonight. That means sweet peace for mommy.

I cleaned up her toys and then sat on my living room couch in the dark enjoying the clean living room. It isn't too often that it is clean and toy free these days. The sound of crickets chirping and the cool breeze from the window on my back made it a near perfect moment. I guess the sound of my cell phone constantly beeping with text messages ruined it. I never delete my messages so I always have one less then fifty or fifty so that stupid thing beeps like crazy! Nevertheless, it was quite a peaceful and perfect moment- especially because I couldn't see the paper entitled Eliza Party To Do List in the dark.

I am going to call E's pediatrician tomorrow because she has a suspicious spot on her girly region- Eliza that is-not her pediatrician. It started with her nasty diarrhea episode that occurred during the past two weeks. I thought it was diaper rash or eczema but now I think it is something else. At least the loose stool has gone away-mostly. Of course the poops (is that even a word) gave her vaginitis so we are back on salad baby vinegar baths. On top of that she has a runny nose that I just don't seem to be able to catch.

Well I am off to read and then to sleep. Early to bed and early to rise- well you know how it goes.


Rose said...

sorry about the texts! I hope E's okay, especially since her party's this weekend.

Dana said...

love to u pete and e!! hope her spot is ok!! how did the snobby joe's turn out?

Andrea said...

Yes...sometimes it is nice to just sit back and relax and enjoy a nice, clean looking living room. :)

Christy said...

The weather was damn near perfect today.

Hope your baby girl is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

that poor lil girl. always has something going on doesn't she?
enjoy that spritzer!

Lori said...

a clean living room... I'd have to be in total darkness to feel that! Hope E is doing better and her spot turns out to be nothing