Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The one where I explain my stroller tantrum

I posted in my Not Me Monday that I was kinda throwing a tantrum at the store because I wanted a Maclaren. Now I will explain the stroller dilemma I face. Let me start out by saying I loathe the stroller that is part of my travel system. It is the Graco Metrolite and while it has served us well- it just doesn't make me happy. I chose the Metrolite because it was lighter that the Qautro and since I am just a tiny thing there was no way i could heave a heavy stroller into and out of my trunk regularly. However, it is a piece of junk. It definitely does not hold up to the amount of walking I do with Eliza.

Well even though the Graco is light it still isn't that light and it is akward. And since I live in a condo I have to always keep the stroller in the trunk. I had been keeping it in the downstairs hallway but the MEAN PEOPLE sent a notice around telling me where to put my stroller. I wanted to pull out my hair and show them what it is like trying to get that damn Graco out of my trunk while trying to hold a 20lb squirmy one year old. I knew they wouldn't care so instead I just mutter under my breath a a LOT! But I am dealing with that issue. Pete usually takes the stroller out for me in the morning and leaves it in my parking spot with my car. The I put it back after the walk. Or I leave it out and he puts int in the trunk when he gets home from work.

Isn't it beautiful!

So with that issue under control here is the next quandary. We are going to Kansas for Thanksgiving (more on that later) and there is no way I am lugging that Graco through the airport. NOT HAPPENING!. So I wanted to buy a Maclaren- right away. Well, since we are trying for another baby we may eventually need a double stroller. So what is the point of buying a Maclaren now and then a double stroller yada, yada, ect. , etc. you get the point. My husband was just trying to reason with me and my mini tantrum was completely unwarranted. So I have asked my friend Tracy if I can borrow her Maclaren to take to Kansas. This will work out well because I will not have to drag my Graco through the airport and I will get to try out this type of stroller to see if it is something I wanted to invest my $ on in the future.

Or maybe I might need this one.


Christy said...

Your husband is right - you will definitely need a double stroller. I use mine everyday. EVERYDAY. However, our double stroller is a Graco and it is big and bulky and HEAVY.

Pam said...

Here's hoping you need the double stroller soon!

Nicole said...

I have the Graco Metrolite and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I have had it for over four years. It has been through two boys and is still holding up nicely. I am 5'2" and 100lbs and I can get mine in and out of my trunk while holding my baby, although I usually leave the baby in the carseat until I have the stroller ready for him just to make it easier. There is nothing I don't like about it. I took it through the airport earlier this year. It did well. The only hassle was folding it up to get it through the metal detector.

Andrea said...

Whew...quite the stroller tantrum! hehe. :) How exciting though that you are trying for another baby right away!! Yay!

Tracy said...

I think that is a nicer Maclaren than mine! We bought the not so crazy expensive one. I think you'll love it though. Justin is hooked on the shoulder strap when we are in the airport!
P.S. I can so see the tantrum and yes you'll need a double. We still use one on occassion!

cathy said...

have u tried Craigslist? we have the bugaboo cameleon, and the only way we were able to swallow the ginormous price was by buying a used one (still a hefty price, but more palatable by buying one in EUC at a fraction of the cost of a new one).

Anonymous said...

I have been on the hunt for a double too and it's such a hard decision. I like the combi also, I can't imagine spending so much $$$ on a stroller for such a short period of time. My daughter is a big walker, even at 19 month (I'm due in December) I highly suggest looking second hand. But also don't forget about the winter months...if you like to do a lot of walking small wheels and snow don't mix well! I already have 2 doubles but I want a small one for the van, the "quick trips" stroller!

Marcy said...

We just got the quest. =) Very nice.

I have had a LOT of people suggest to me lately how apparently you can find 2007 maclarens that are still brand-new, for half the price, on places like ebay and craigslist. Might be worth a look. It certainly would be nice for you to get the use out of the maclaren between now and when New Baby would be old enough to use the double stroller (which could be a good year from now, since most maclarens can't be used by babies till they're 3 months and I'm assuming that's the same for the double stroller).

I love our big stroller, but that thing really is a pain the lift so it's SO nice having the lighter maclaren to use now.

Pierrette said...

I have a few friends that have the Maclaren and love it. We are sending you positive baby vibes (I had a few friends who did this when we were trying for baby #1 and I was pregnant within a month)
Hopefully you will have an excuse to buy a double stroller soon.

Regarding the airport we check our stroller and use a carrier in the airport.