Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

It just haven't been feeling too tasty lately so I am going to put off Tasty Tuesday til next week.

Eliza is sick. AGAIN. So...she is having a hard time eating, sleeping, and doing just about everything. No fever but one heck of a runny nose and cough.

On Friday at E's check-up the doctor was concerned with her weight gain. Now I am not sure what numbers he was looking at but I really don't see a problem. This was our first well check at this doctor; we had previously been there for a cold, a rash and a fungus. I looked back into her medical records from her old doctor and at 10 months she weight 18lbs 12 oz and now at 13 months she weighed 20 lbs and 4 oz. I think that is a decent gain. Maybe the problem is that a month ago when she had her fungus she weighed 20.4 and hasn't gained any since...but she has started walking in the interim and is probably burning calories like crazy. The girl doesn't stop moving. They could barely examine her. They said she was a spitfire! The doctor wants me to give her Pediasure to fatten her up. She does not like the Pediasure. Is it my fault she eats healthy food and is thin? I guess I could be feeding her crap like McDonalds and they probably wouldn't bat an eye if she was a Mcfatty!

Eliza does not like whole milk either. Eliza barely drinks formula or water. My daughter does not like to drink! So how am I supposed to get her to start drink milk? and Pediasure? She is still getting formula because she will drink that-to a point. I try to sneak stuff into her formula but she is quite the sleuth and figures it out- and rejects the cup or bottle.

and when the doctor walked in he informed me it had just been one of those days. I am pretty sure he couldn't compete with my couple days!

I will end on a good note!

E did win that photo contest at the baby expo! We won 6 free sheets from Kiddie Candids. Now I just need to get over there so I can have her photo taken. I am guessing I had better wait til the boogs clear up.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't let the doctors worry you about her weight. Keep doing what you feel is right...you're her mom, you know if she isn't well. I think a lot of kids are smaller these days because they eat so much better! When my son was little I worried so much about his weight, I finally figured out he's just a little guy and he's perfectly healthy! Ditch the Pediasure...I think it's a lot of sugar too. :)

Future Mom (Heather) said...

she may weigh less than the average one year old, but that's no big deal. she is skinny, like i was at that age... i was about 18 pounds at my first birthday & i turned out ok i think. that child gets healthier food than anyone i know so i doubt she needs extra nutritional supplements. my cousin was recommended pediasure because all he used to eat were fries, chicken fingers and ketchup sandwiches.

all you can do with the milk or water is offer them at her meals and maybe in between if you feel she isn't drinking enough, but maybe she just isn't thirsty. she will take a drink when she wants one.

congrats on winning the photo contest!

Lori said...

I wouldn't worry too much about her weight. One thing you could try to entice her to drink more milk is yogurt shakes. I used to give Blake YoBaby shakes at night to help him "get through" I know a lot of people have used to them to help get more milk into their child because they add flavor without being unhealthy

hannah said...

My sister had two kids that had "weight gain problems." She had to put them on high fat diets and it did nothing. I think kids will be the weight they are no matter what, as long as she is eating good healthy food. Plus, it sounds like she is active and reaching milestones. I do think dr's compare kids to each other and some kids are overweight, so it skews the curve. Everyone else that commented is right. Don't worry about it. You are the mommy and you need do what you feel is best for her!

EP said...

Poor E. I hope she's feeling better! There's nothing worse than being sick, and I'm sure it's a drag on you since you're with her all the time.

I'm excited she won the contest! Yay, Eliza!

Tracy said...

Yay for your win! Gotta love freebies especially when they are as cool as free pics of your little cutie. Like I said yesterday she seems like a very healthy baby and she is just about where Madison was at that age. It all depends on the doc. Mine has no problem with the fact that Madison isn't even 32 lbs. at nearly 4 years old but if it were your dr. he'd probably have her hooked up to an i.v.!

Christy said...

Her weight sounds perfectly fine to me. My friend's little girl is 21 months old, and she only weighs 19 pounds. Some kids are just small. You can't force her to eat or drink more than she wants to. She is healthy, so don't worry.

Amanda-The Family News! said...

I hope E starts feeling better soon... And you too - I have been thinking of you too! :)
Lauren and Avery both have the snots right now...
I think E's weight sounds fine. You are exactly right - they start moving around and don't gain near as quick as they were... My little one is a chunk -and a shortie!
And that is super great about E winning the photo contest - she should have!!!

Rebecka said...

I don't think that her weight is a big deal. I have a fatty on my hands but that's because he's like that. Don't worry about it. As long as she's healthy.

Sorry that she's not feeling good. None of us are feeling well either.

That's an adorable picture of her! :)

Pierrette said...

Go what you feel right, all kids grow at their own pace. As long as she looks healthy don't worry.

PletcherFamily said...

My baby girls were always under weight. Neither hit the 20 pound mark until about 15-16 months of age, so Eliza is doing great! And I DO feed them crappy McDonalds from time to time! LOL.
Anyway, Finley HATED pediasure as well. Arlington too. I was told to put half and half in their milk. No kidding. Straight, fatty, half and half. And it WORKED. It is very tasty to them - I mixed it in their formula and then in her whole milk. Have you tried soy milk?
Anyway, I wouldn't worry - just some suggestions if you did want to try something. But I think she is fine. Good for you for keeping her so healthy!