Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dress Your Kids Like the Celebrities

One of my favorite blogs to read everyday is the Celebrity Baby Blog because I just can't get enough of seeing my favorite famous people with their kids. Although I feel bad for them always being followed everywhere by paparazzi, I love to see what kind of clothes, baby carriers, strollers, and other things they choose for their children. The kids are so darn cute being pushed around in their thousand dollar strollers wearing their fancy expensive clothes. Most people I know will never be able to afford any of this stuff. So how can you incorporate a little bit of Hollywood into your child's wardrobe?

With clothes and shoes from Uncommonly Cute! This company makes onesies, t-shirts and shoes that have been seen on the children of Tori Spelling, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and many more. With clothes in the $22-24 range and customized booties from $37-43, these are definitely more budget friendly choices for your own child or as a great baby gift. There are also some designs on sale as low as $14. Uncommonly Cute's t-shirts and onesies give your baby a sense of individual style - popular designs include Diva, Rock Star and Drama Queen. They are super soft and comfortable for your little one. Each garment is made in the USA from 100% combed cotton and is machine washable. Two things I love about this company are that it was started by a mom and that they donate a portion of their profits to 2 children's charities. You can buy their products at children's boutiques in the US, Canada and Australia or just shop at their website.

Here is Owen modeling one of their designs "Famous on Facebook". He wasn't in a very photogenic mood on this particular occasion - maybe he was self conscious about all the drooling he is doing now that more teeth are coming in!

too bad he wasn't smiling at the camera

looks like he is flashing the peace sign in this one!
he wasn't looking in this one either but at least you can see the shirt


Danielle said...

That is adorable!!

ClothDiaperGirl said...

Where did you find the shirt?

MoziEsmé said...

Very cute shirt - and very cute kid! I love the smile in the 1st photo...