Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Hi all! I am alive and well in Kansas. I have decided traveling with toddlers should be outlawed. I told Pete I hope he likes Wichita because I will be damned if I have to get back on a plane with E!

In all truth E was FANTASTIC on the first flight. I am so proud of her. After our first flight was delayed and we didn't even take off on the second flight until after her bed time she lost her cool. I don't blame her one bit. She was crying pretty uncontrollable and not even the DVD helped. Then she made a stinky diaper while we were taxying for takeoff. Pete tried to go and change it but the stewardess told him to get out of the bathroom or she would tell the pilot to stop the plane. If that plane had stopped I think I might have gotten off so it is a good thing it kept moving. Pete returned to the the seat with E still in her poop diaper and still hysterically crying. She passed out from crying after about 20 minutes and so I spent the flight smelling poop diaper with her sleeping on my chest. It truly was one of my more pleasurable flight experiences.

When we arrived at our destination I realized I lost Eliza's CD case with all her favorite music and CD's. It is my fault because I put them in the pocket in the seat in front of me. GGGRRR I have not forgiven myself yet!

E i s having an amazing time playing with her cousin Nolan. They look so cute together-like little twins. I can't wait to post some pics.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I have so much that I am Thankful for.


Rebecka said...

I hope your trip home is better!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

Tipp said...

Girl, you are braver than I! Poor E!

Happy Turkey day!

Christy said...

Have fun visiting with family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to hear you made it even though it didn't go off without a hitch. I know it can't replace what you had but I'll burn you copies of some kiddy cd's I have to ease the pain. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I was thinking of you guys all day! Can't wait until you get back! Luckily most of the cats have survived ;o)

marissa said...

oh my gosh they wouldn't even let you deal with the diaper how lame

Amber said...


Forgive yourself, mama!! We had the poop thing happen to us during taxi take off too....what a stinker!

Glad you're having a great time!

EP said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am so happy to hear things went well!