Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Motto This Holiday Season

I am trying to get into the spirit and I can slowly feel it creeping over me. I know what it means to "need a little Christmas-right this very minute!" I have the x-mas music pumping full time. I have attempted to put up some decorations. OK! All we have done so far is put up this saying on the wall. OK. Pete put it up but I supervised (from the computer room while reading blogs!)

Pete and I are NOT big into buying gifts. I think it is overrated- especially for adults! I am more than happy to spend some time with family and eat some good food and maybe a few or a few too many cocktails. Pete and I have purchased a few small toys for Eliza. However, I am guilty of getting her 18 new books for X-mas. I have been picking up books for her since September and now I see I went a little overboard.

We have decided to put up our tree later this year. I normally would have put it up this weekend but E is very curious and I think she will want to play with the ornaments (or balls to her) and I will feel bad constantly telling her no. So we are holding out until Dec. 19th! I still have to pick out an ornament for her this year. I plan to get one for her every year so she can have a little collection.

Dear Santa,

The only thing I really want for Christmas is a book light. Oh and I want to get pregnant too! But I am pretty sure my husband would not appreciate your help in this area!

XOXOXO the the reindeer, elves and Mrs, Claus
Merry Christmas,


Lori said...

My hubby and I don't get gifts for each other either. I don't go over board with the boys because they just don't need to be overwhelmed. Last year I left the bottom 2ft or so of the tree with only a few stuffed ornaments so Blake wouldn't get in trouble for touching them.

your letter made me laugh

hope you find the spirit

EP said...

I was never big into gift giving until I got a little older. And while I'm not a fan of spending tons of money on friends and family, I like making things for them, like cookies and cards. And buying them things when I find something that perfectly fits them.

Your letter made me smile.

Pam said...

Hubby and I don't do much with gifts either- we usually get something for the house we need or do a project, etc. We do a small gift for each other. Books are always good gifts - E will love it! I hope you get everything on your wish list!

Meaghan said...

how cute is your header!!!! if only i really looked that good prego and grocery shopping!

Missy said...

My kids have done surprisingly well with the tree over the years. Usually a few stern "no"'s during the first day or two, then they lose interest. I do put all of my breakable ornaments up high though, just in case!
I probably went overboard on gifts this year, but I love buying stuff for the kids! And I love Christmas, especially with them! My husband and I do not do gifts for each other, and we buy something small for our parents and sisters.

Anonymous said...

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