Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Minute to Gripe

I feel like the U.S is always behind when it comes to the safety of our children. It seems to me that in the Sates it is all about making money with little regard for the health and safety of the citizens. The current culprit- CELL PHONES!

I have written previously about the ban on television for kids in France. Now they are again one step ahead of us warning about the dangers of cell phones to kids. Here is what their ban entails.

Why are we always so behind! I know I use my cell phone way too much. My father has warned me over and over about the dangers of excessive cell phone use. I don't even have a house line-something I have been meaning to remedy for a few months. I try very hard to keep the cell phone away from Eliza but she is of course fascinated with the device. My goal is to get a land line by the end of the month so I can use my cell as little as possible. The cell phone will stay in my bag in the closet.

and while I am griping... I still can't get over this post I read about how much TV some children see in a week. I have been thinking about this again and again for the past two weeks. It just leaves me with my jaw hitting the floor. I don't like to let E watch any TV- but I am not perfect. I absolutely try to limit TV time to one half hour a day (A Signing Time video) and I feel terribly guilty about that. Sometimes I feel like getting rid o the TV altogether. I can't stand that glazed over look people get when the TV is on- and how the conversation dies on impact. I digress!

My rant is almost over but I just want to add that I strongly believe advertisements aimed at children should be banned altogether. I don't think companies should be permitted to advertise to children. PERIOD!

Sometimes I am very scared about the direction our culture is headed and today is one of those days.


Lori said...

I very rarely use my cell phone... never at home. I always find it strange to see kids with a cell phone in hand riding a bike or playing basketball... I don't get it!

Dana said...

TV has been around for a long time and I grew up just fine! I feel that in moderation it's ok for children to watch!!

Rose said...

I share your fear. Don't you sometimes think we should just stop reading these things? They make us crazy!!!

Andrea said...

Yep, I'm totally with you!

ClothDiaperGirl said...

Thanks for the link about the cellphones. It's something I really need to watch out for. My son is fond of playing with mine.

Christy said...

My kids do watch some TV, and I don't really feel guilty about it. Does that make me a bad mother? On a positive note, I do not own a cell phone - so my kids are safe!

Marcy said...

Yeah, well, apparently our govt decided to go way overboard with the CPSIA, going into effect in just a few weeks. It's going to put all but the largest children's toy/clothes/books/bedding/etc makers out of business, and just might shut down the children's sections of all libraries in the US, in just a few weeks.

I've been blogging about this the past few days, you can also check www.HandmadeToyAlliance.org and www.CoolMomPicks.com/savehandmade for more info. I have lots more links to share, email me if you want.

(as for the Europe thing, part of it is cultural. Our culture values personal freedom over society's benefit, Europe is other way around. And in Europe cell phones are so expensive hardly anyone actually talks on them anyway)

A Frugal Friend said...

I let my daughter watch 1/2 hour or so a day every since we came back from Disney. She loved the characters and goes nuts when she sees them on tv.

.....but I still feel a little bad about it since its not recommended.

Nicole said...

Maybe I missed you talking about it, but did you read the recent study that cell phones are believed to cause cancer? I can't find the study right off-hand but I'll ask DH. I think he has a link to it. It's sad because my husband's uncle who was constantly on his cell for work just died a few months ago from brain cancer. The cancer was, indeed, on the side of his head that he used the phone. One more reason to keep the gadgets away from the kids.