Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tasty Toddler Thursday

It has been quite some time since I reported on what Eliza has been eating. Since I spend LOTS of time thinking of food, preparing food and cleaning up I figured I would give a run down of E's current meal faves.

What's for breakfast?
Eggs /w/ cheese, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower.

French Toast- Daddy's treat
Pancakes- I make either whole wheat or buckwheat pancakes in a big batch on the weekend and then freeze them. This way i can give her pancakes during the week with just a little effort. I have made the recipe using applesauce but hope to branch out in coming weeks. Other stir in ideas include berries and cheese!

Waffles- I don't have a waffle maker and am guilty of giving her frozen waffles. At least they are organic. I usually serve waffles with fruit. I would love waffle maker. then I could make and freeze these as well.

Oatmeal- I love oatmeal but lately E hasn't been a huge fan. I love it for the versatility. You can stir in so many different things. I am hoping the tide turns and E decides oatmeal is her friend.

Cereal /w/ milk. E is getting good with a spoon and cereal with milk works for me when I am too tired to cook or think!

Yogurt- Yogurt and fruit is always a hit. I also might add a piece of whole wheat toast.

Fruit- E loves fruit. At breakfast she loves to munch on bananas, orange, kiwi, or melon.

I made a blueberry sauce (no added sugar) to put on E's waffles but she seems to hate blue food. It was quite delicious and I ended up eating it on some vanilla ice cream. Her loss!

What's for Lunch?

How I love the quesadilla. Let me count the ways...

1. cheese

2. avocado

3. broccoli

4. spinach

5. chicken

6. ground turkey

7. anything goes! have fun

Needless to say the quesadilla is a big hit around here. Plus you can whip one up in a jiff.

Other lunch options include

  • Grilled cheese /w/ spinach, broccoli or avocado

  • Noodles

  • Mac-N-Cheese /w/ something healthy stirred in like cauliflower, sweet potato, spinach, peas,asparagus, green beans etc.

  • Turkey and cheese roll-up

  • Leftover Dinner :)

*usually some fruit or veggie as a side. Avocado is big in this house!

What's for dinner?

Eliza pretty much eats whatever I make for dinner. I separate her portion before I add the spices I enjoy- like cayenne!

However Eliza hates mashed potatoes and usually white potatoes in general. She moves them to the side of her tray with a look of disgust. She did eat some small cut up red potatoes in a corn chowder I made the other night- which is progress! White potatoes don't have much nutritional value so it is no big deal- but c'mon who doesn't like mashed potatoes!


Lori said...

you certainly have a good eater on your hands! That must make life pretty easy for you

oh and Blake is not a fan of potatoes either, but then he isn't a fan of pasta either sooo

Anonymous said...

Lucky you for having a good eater. N's diet is very limited and it frustrates me. But he does love him some yogrut and bananas!!

Christy said...

My kids eat tons of black beans and pasta. These two foods make up a large portion of every damn meal in my house.

Beth said...

I would enjoy that menu.

Sheri said...

MMM, Broccoli in a quesadilla? That blows my mind. Do you steam it first? Do you use frozen or fresh? I would have never thought of that. Hmm, You should make a regular thing of this. Ideas for feeding your toddler! Grace would eat anything, then she hit 2 and she won't touch one vegetable! I have had to start sneaking in pureed food.