Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What change do you want to see?

I will be breaking my own rule today and watching a lot of TV! Why? I want to see all things inauguration. It is a historic day and one I have been looking forward to since November. No doubt I will shed countless tears.

Additionally, I will teach Eliza the ASl sign for president! Here is a link to an ASL video dictionary if you are interested in seeing the sign!


It is time for change. Good thing E already knows that sign. :)

However, I am not talking poop diapers- this time!

The other day my mom told me that I couldn't change the world. She is right. Alone I probably can't change things, but together WE certainly can.

" You must be the change you want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

There are so many things I would love to see change. Aside from economic change, protecting our environment and protecting our future, our children, (both human and animal) top my list.

Today is a fresh start. What changes are important to you? What will you do to be the change you want to see?


Shanilie said...

Chage is always a good thing. Though I find change is scary lol. The most change I do is trying something new when I go out for dinner lol. The only change that will be huge for my family is moving out west. A change of scenery - yes but also a change for the better.

I'm looking for suggestions for baby items I need please pop by my blog and write down as many as you want. I'd really apreciate it! Thank You!

Marcy said...

The events of today reminded me to go to my Kiva.org account and re-lend money I had available there. If you aren't familiar yet with this organization, go check them out. One of the easiest ways to help others world-wide (without it even costing you anything long-term).

PletcherFamily said...

The change I want to see is our DCF and foster care system. I want it to get better. Adoption and care of our kids in our country needs to be BETTER. ALL kids need health care. These are the changes I want to see.

We are celebrating loud today! What a great day it was.

BundlebooMaMa said...

Right now..as selfish as it sounds...I wan't to see a drastic change in the economy. Not only is it affecting my home life and the stress level from my loved ones but it is affecting my business and its future.

EP said...

Tuesday was a HUGE day, and I'm so excited about the positive things to come out of Barack Obama's presidency!