Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

I decided to join Lori this week and post some random weekend thoughts!


Missing my morning phone calls with my mom changed my whole week. She is away on a cruise- and I miss her.

Having Pete gone for another Saturday is depressing. Knowing the busy season will be over in about 40 days makes me feel a wee bit better. As does dancing around the house with Eliza to It's a Hard Knock Life!

Having Rose and Alessia (& Mark too) to keep me company when Pete is away makes Pete's busy season tolerable. They have adopted Eliza and I as foster kids- they feed us too. :)

Witnessing Eliza say new words every day is inspiring. She never fails to amaze me.

Spicy lentil tacos for dinner was a great end to the week. Of course I ate at least one taco over the legal limit and suffered the consequences.

Reading Omnivore's Dilemma has been thought provoking. For example, it has made my husband think I talk too much! I also dreamt that I worked at the amazing Polyface Farm in Swoope Virginia!

Seeing Eliza kiss and hug her toys melts my heart. She is turning into my little lover girl. She has learned that kissing an hugging me when I am disappointed in her behavior is a great way to manipulate me.

Have a Great Weekend!


Lori said...

great random thoughts! isn't it amazing how the little things mean so much!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

That last one is funny! My kids have learned and tried that too. Often.

Rose said...

We love having you girls over (and Pete is okay too ;o) )
Wouldn't that be an awesome trip to go visit Joel Salatin on his grass farm? When I read that chapter I wanted to drive down there and stay in their trailer and learn everything there is to learn about grass farming! Yea, I know, I'm a loon

Pam said...

I'm glad that you have someone to help make the times Pete is away feel a bit better. Maybe if you make a ticker for the end of his busy season, it might help make it seem to go by faster.

MoziEsmé said...

You made me just go check out YouTube for "It's a Hard Knock Life!"

Sounds like E is an excellent manipulator!

CC said...

I love the stage where they are learning new words every day. It is so darn cool.

right now my daughter is just starting to remember real explanations. She asked "how do birds fly?" and then she recalled the answer I gave her yesterday and said "when there is lots of air under the wings, the birds go up.When there is lots of air on top of the wings, birds go down." I can't believe she remembered and recalled all that!!!

Your baby ticker on the top is great!

CC said...

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