Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bed Transition Update

I have been meaning to update everyone on our bed transition progress. The truth is we haven't made much progress. :) and that is OK. It has been a really rough two months with Eliza's daddy working late hours. This is tough for me and for E. So I am guilty of putting her in bed with me and not on her own. When we did put her in her bed she would usually sleep there for a few hours, would wake, up and then crawl into bed with us. Pete's hours will lessen before too long and it will be easier for us to make transitions when we are all home at night.

and if it takes a while than that is OK too. We will figure it out. There is no point stressing about sleep time. Everyone needs to sleep and we are going to get it in a way that makes everyone happy. I would be lying if I said I didn't love her warm little body curled up next to mine.

So maybe next time I update there will be ore interesting news. And maybe not!


Funky Food Trisha said...

We don't officially "co-sleep" at our house but we play musical beds almost every night. Everyone starts off in their own space and ends up somewhere else. But the two boys have all started off in our bed sleeping at one point or another. Especially during hard times. Enjoy her every moment you can, including at night. And for when little bit gets here, I loved our Amy's Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. This way you can still have everyone sleeping together if need be but with a little extra space.

All these B's and Me! said...

It will all work out. Girl, I just moved Brody in his crib last sunday and he turned 11 months old yesterday. It took a few days but now he loves it. You'll get there in your own time where you feel comfortable.

Anonymous said...

When I got pregnant with my third my second was still nursing and sleeping in my bed (she was only 14 months old!) and at that point she had NEVER slept apart from me, never been in her crib! (Ok...that's a bit of a lie, she would sleep in her crib for naps in the afternoon after I rocked her to sleep while nursing!) I kept saying I'd work on transitioning her when I stopped working in September (I was due the end of December) September came and went, by that time this third pregnancy was destroying my body and I could barely walk! Her bedroom is on the second floor and I just couldn't do the stairs. So we continued on with her in bed with me. When December arrived I really started to panic so we set up a crib in my room with on rail off and she would fall asleep in it while holding my hair, she had stopped nursing a few months before this. Each night she would crawl up on her own and get in bed with me, I didn't even notice! The week before I gave birth my husband started to really get on my case, did I mention he's not into co-sleeping like I am and this had been a constant fight! We thought he could try putting her to bed, again something that had rarely happened in this house! He tried one night and it was a disaster so I intervened, I am not one to listen to my child screaming when I know how to fix the problem. The next day I gave birth and from that night on my daughter has slept in her own crib and baby is in bed with me! The first few weeks consisted of my husband sitting in the rocking chair until she fell asleep and she would wake a few times in the night and again he'd have to sit there until she fell asleep, that worked fine until he had to go back to work and refused to give up his sleep. So he was going to let her cry, I took over from there cause I'd sacrifice everything before listening to my child cry alone in the middle of the night. It took a little while but eventually she started sleeping through the night on her own. I still sit in the chair for her to fall asleep but it's only about 15 minutes.She occasionally ends up in my bed but it never sets us back, she's gotten used to her crib and now often wakes up and plays in it for awhile instead of screaming!

Anyhow, my point is no matter what you try to "plan" for transitioning some road (bed) block will jump up but in the end it all works out just fine!

La Mama Naturale' said...

Do what's comfortable for you and we do the same thing for the sake of our sanity and what makes US happy. We're hoping T will move into his toddler bed...but's been a hard tranistion thus far...these things take weeks/months...we're in no rush. Ideally, it'd be great before the baby comes but at this point I doubt it'll happen. Working on it though and if he still continues to co-sleep- that OK too.

EP said...

I love reading your blog because you always talk about parenting things that I've never thought about. Keep it up!