Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cloth Wipe Trials

I know I have blogged about cloth diapers before but I don't think I mentioned that we also use cloth wipes. I have NEVER been a fan of commercial wipes. I don't care if they claim to be sensitive, they contain chemicals and I didn't want to use them of my daughter's most sensitive areas. I think it is a huge waste of money to buy wipes. I understand they are convenient for when people are out of the house but to use such a convenience item when I am home all day seems silly.

I was told at the hospital and by my first pediatrician to use wash cloths and gentle baby wash instead. So although I have used commercial wipes here and there I am huge supporter of cloth wipes. I have to wash my cloth diapers so I just throw my wipes in too. It also takes me about two cloth wipes to clean what would take about five commercial wipes. I also love how I can pat E's bum dry with a wipe and re diaper without worrying about diaper rash.

I love them. My husband does not. He felt the wipes I purchased were not soft enough. He is a man who loves commercial baby wipes. It is a good thing I am in charge of the diapering decisions in this house.

Here are the Kissaluvs Baby Wipes I have been using. I purchased them from Cotton Babies.

Recently I won a set of cloth wipes from 5MinutesForGoingGreen. They are Bummas wipes and although i haven't used them yet- they seem awesome. However, i will report back after using them. You can check them out at the Bummas site.

I currently use California Baby wash with the wipes. However, there are tons of DIY wipe solutions online. Personally, I would love to get my hands on some Baby Wipe Juice!!


Lori said...

I only use baby wipes on my boys when we are out of the house. When we are home we just use wet face cloths... so much easier and gentler on their skin

PletcherFamily said...

These would be so much better for the environment. I do love the idea! If I was a SAHM and didn't have two, I would be on board! :)

Go Potty Training!

Marcy said...

I use small washcloths to clean D off after he eats instead of suing paper towels... but I'm not sure I could forgo the disposable wipes. Laundry is such a pain to me already.

I am curious about your system for storing the poopy diapers and wipes till you can wash them. That's probably one of my biggest reasons not to go with cloth, not being able to think of a good system for handling the poop that's hygienic and doesn't seem like a huge extra hassle to deal with.

Mother of Three in Pa said...

I think what you do is disgusting. Do you wash your clothes in the same washer as your "wipes" and diapers? What kind of detergent do you use?

La Mama Naturale' said...

We use cloth wipes too. I make a solution and use a spray bottle and spray the cloth with it. Sometimes I spray his tush but for the most part the cloth gets sprayed. We toss em in with the dipes too! Easy and economical.

Dana said...

Hey Mother of 3 in Pa you are so completely ignorant it's disgusting!!! I think your comments are disgusting and you should atleast have the balls to leave an email address if you make rude comments!! Shows how dumb you really are!! get a clue what doesn't work for you works for others - ever think of that?

montesecrets said...

I totally would use cloth wipes, but I'm such a lazy butt. Laundry is not my thing,and I know the pile of dirty cloth wipes would pile up and stink up my whole house. Anyways, my little monster is 21 months, and (knock on wood)I can count on my hands how many times she's had diaper rash. I guess I was fortunate.

Lesha said...

This is something that has crossed my mind occasionally. End of March I'm heading back to NC and I'm planning to buy more cloth diapers while I'm there. I think I'll buy some wipe cloths too while I'm at it. My biggest issue is that while at daycare they use disposable, so through the week my cloth diaper pile is too small to launder regularly and then they get kind of smelly. Using these wipes would maybe alleviate that problem.

Marcy, I bought a storage bin at a office supply store that has a lid that latches. I put the diapers in there until I can do the laundry. We use the Bum Genius and they say not to soak them though, so they go in there dry (after poos are knocked off into the toilet).