Saturday, March 28, 2009


Random Weekend Junk

UGH I have a cold or allergies or something. UGH The Netti Pot has helped.

Pete is working again today for the gabillionzillionth time in a row. I think this is the last one though!

I almost snagged a Learning Tower for $25 off of Craig's List but the lady gave it away. Now I am very sad.

We are now using small rugs to help Eliza define her play areas. I find this helps to contain toys with many pieces. It also helps me teach Eliza that we do not put our blocks under the stove etc. We are also teaching her that some toys i.e. crayons, play-doh, markers must be brought to the table. If I find her with them somewhere else I simply redirect her to the table and it has been working well. These toys are left out for her and she may play with them whenever she chooses.

Here is her Play-Doh container.

I have started working on pouring with Eliza. We have a little 1 oz pitcher and we are pouring lentils. We have also added a little Nature Museum to her play things. It holds some things we have collected outside. The shells are from the Hatteras trip.

We have weaned Eliza from wearing a Sleep Sack to bed at night. She still wears it for naps. I am too scared to mess with naps. Next we will hopefully work on the rocking- although I really love to rock her.

I am currently sampling some WOW Green products. Hopefully will post review soon.

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Shanilie said...

Oh I love the nature items you found. Shells are so much fun. Does she listen to the ocean?

Lori said...

great ideas. I like the mat idea

Alicia said...

The playdoe container is a good idea!

♥..Kim said...

Such a sweet girl, thats a great idea you came up with for her to learn!

Andrea said...

You always have such good ideas!! I love the play mats...and the pouring lentils!

Missy said...

I have had rotten luck with Craigslist lately. I had found a cute table and chair set for the kids, emailed the lady, she said I could come and get it the next day. The following morning, I get another email from her saying "sorry, I just sold it to someone else". What?? Why did you tell me I could have it?? Ugh! I was so mad!

sorry for the rant... feel better!

Marcy said...

I love the rugs! Is she actually sticking to them? May try that with D in a few months, right now I don't think he'd pay any attention-- I think he's still so in love with walking that he just carries his toys around everywhere. ; )

What are you doing to make sure she stays warm at night w/o the sleep sack? I've been wondering about this with D. I put him down in a sleep sack and with a blanket still (our house gets cold at night) and the blanket never seems to stay on. Thankfully I found a sleep sack on etsy that fits him, since hen just outgrew his old one, but I'm still wondering at what age they actually keep blankets on them or are able to pull them back up over their body? Or maybe I need a bigger blanket?