Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Are you ERF'ing?

Still not really here. Hope I am doing something fun with all my computer free time.

I am a proud ERF momma.

Pete I decided a long time ago to keep Eliza in the rear facing position for as long as possible. It just seemed like common sense to us. I want to do was is safest for Eliza and that is not always what is easiest or convenient for me. I must admit that sometimes I wish I didn't have to check on her through a shoddy plastic mirror. However, if facing backwards would save her life in a crash that it is a no brainer. Now I am happy to see the AAP has finally recommended that toddlers be kept in the rear facing position until at LEAST 2! This is of course in accordance with car seat manufacturer guidelines. I did receive quite a few strange looks when I explained to some- my mom and the guy at the car rental place in Kansas- that rear facing position was much safer. I am just glad that I am not the only one who is a FANatic about this issue.

Here is the AAP article

Here are additional resources on ERF position.

AAAP Car Seat Guide

Informative Article on ERF!

Brochure on Rear Facing Position

Car Safety.org Info

Just for fun- If you have a picture of your child ERF'ing you can post it to the extended rear facing photo club!


Mount Belly Mama said...

I am really glad you brought this up! I just registered yesterday for baby stuff and decided to go with the rear facing ones too. I was torn because I like the idea of them getting face time with me. But I don't drive enough for them to be significantly deprived of face time. Thank you!

Marcy said...

The "Brochure on Rear Facing Positions" link is broken. Is this it?

Andrea said...

Tate is 2 1/2 and still rear-facing...and I have the EXACT same opinion as you. It's not about what's convenient or what the baby likes the best...it's about safety and possibly saving my child's life!! Great post. :)

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