Monday, April 20, 2009

Digital Detox Week- UNPLUG YOURSELF!

I am signing off for turnoff week - April 20-26

What does that mean for me?

It means No TV, No Desktop and No laptop. However, I will still be texting. But...I will not be texting on twitter or facebook. I was going to post on Twitter through my phone but decided that would be wrong and defeat my overall goal. However, I have scheduled some short posts that will appear in my absence.

Maybe in September- or even next spring- I will start a team for this event. Unfortunately, I think I might be the only member because those around me don't seem to be jumping on my no TV bandwagon. Even my husband refused to give up his one or two shows just this week. I guess I am just not all that inspiring.

Here is why I am unplugging...

I love camping. One of the things I love about camping is the simplicity. I usually have no cell phone service, no computer access and no TV. I leave feeling refreshed. My mind is clear. I have had a chance to connect with nature and converse with people in person. I wasn't worried about checking comments, or e-mails or updates. And I usually could care less about all of those things. I hope to experience that same feeling at home. I want to be more in tune with Eliza and with Pete. I can't do that just by turning off the TV. It MUST be both for me.

Honestly, who the heck really cares if you miss a couple shows, tweets or blog posts. Really? Is it that big of a deal. All that stuff means nothing in the long run. I hate to be so negative, because I do enjoy my computer time- but if it ever becomes so important than I can't live without it-then I have a SERIOUS issue.

Do challenge yourself to NOT watch TV or use the computer for the week. I understand many people need to use the computer for work. That doesn't count. I am talking about recreational use. Unplug yourself and give your brain a rest for 7 days.

I will be keeping a short journal to record my thoughts and feelings during the week. You remember journals right? It is kinda like a blog but on paper and you write with this cool thing called a pen.

If you decide to unplug I would love to hear about your experience.

and now I must pull the plug... gurgle gurgle gurgle


Damselfly said...

Wow. I could totally do without TV, for even a month or more probably, but I'd miss my e-mail. And then it would be all piled up there for me when I came back and take me even longer to go through it....

Anonymous said...

wow I've just seen it and it sounds so great! I need to do thing like that as well to ''clean''my system..