Monday, April 20, 2009

What is your stance?

I am not really here. My computer and TV are off for turnoff week. However, I decided to schedule a few posts during my absence. I am not gone for good. I am sure you are all blogging some awesome stuff-but I will just have to try and catch up after turn off week is finished.

Have you heard?

The AAP is now changing their stance regarding the connection between introducing certain foods and food allergies? It seems there is not enough evidence that introducing certain foods at a later time will prevent food allergies.

I first saw this on Baby411 blog and decided to investigate it further.

Quote taken from Pediatrics

In summary, the evidence from these conflicting studies, in balance, does not allow one to conclude that there is a strong relationship between the timing of the introduction of complementary foods and development of atopic disease. This raises serious questions about the benefit of delaying the introduction of solid foods that are thought to be highly allergic (cow milk, fish, eggs, and peanut-containing foods) beyond 4 to 6 months of age; additional studies are needed.

The article also discusses guidelines for pregnant and nursing moms if you are interested.

I have been dying to give Eliza peanut butter. We have no food allergies in out family and so far she has not had a reaction to any food. Up until now I have been a nut case about this and it seems that it was all for nothing. I think I will soon be saying bring on the PB & B! I do it up Elvis style with Peanut Butter and Bananas!


Lori said...

I gave Blake pb around 18 months or so, when I felt confident that he could swallow it. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole issue of when to introduce high allergy foods... I guess it, like most things in life will just keep swinging from one school of thought to another

Christy said...

I waited until Porgie was 2 to introduce peanut butter. However, Izzy (who is prone to food allergies) received peanut butter at 15 months. But he had already had allergy tests done that confirmed that he wasn't allergic to peanut butter.

Marcy said...

I was waiting on PB, but then I saw the post on Baby 411 (after having heard of the studies a few months ago) and figured "what the heck!" and gave D some the other day. No reaction. Which makes me happy, b/c it's another good, easy snack that's high in fat and protein.

heatherdj said...

I too have been waiting patiently to give my 18 month old PB. She's had the nut butters (tahini & almond) less likely to cause allergy. I was sooo happy to read this! We'll be starting this ASAP and it will be a great addition to her diet since she's vegetarian. A perfect sandwich for on-the-go lunches!