Monday, April 27, 2009

Not the update I planned

I am back after a tv free/computer free week. I had planned to update on how my week went. However, I guess that was too boring because I found out today that E and I were exposed to Coxsackie yesterday. We had direct contact with a lil boy who was diagnosed this morning. His mommy called me right away to let me know so that I could call the Ped. and the Obgyn.

I am not sure if E has it yet because there is a dormancy period of 3-6 days and last time she showed symptoms after about 5 days. If this is a different strain she can become infected again. I need to look out for fever, irritability, rash, and sores in the throat.

I also have to give blood tomorrow and again in three weeks for the Ob to monitor. Additionally, I need to limit my contact with Eliza until I know if she is infected. This is not going to be easy since I am her primary caregiver. She also has allergies and I have to wipe her nose about a zillion times a day which exposes to me to the virus if she is infected. So I am using gloves for diapers and washing my hands a zillion times.

I am trying to stay positive. This is no easy task for me. I made the mistake of googling and of course read some stuff that sent me into a tizzy. I am much calmer now.

That is what is new with me. Sooooo what's new with you?


Lori said...

Oh Danielle... that is so hard. I hope neither of you have it

Amber said...

Oh no...I'm crossing my fingers, too!

Anonymous said...

Circumcision prevents AIDS?

Christy said...

Oh no! So sorry friend.

Beth said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you and Eliza are okay. As if we don't have enough to worry about with this darn swine flu crap! Keep us updated on your status.