Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Track your sleep like a pro with the SLEEPTRACKER PRO

As we all know, I love to sleep! However, I do not really enjoy getting up in the morning. So when I heard about the SLEEPTRACKER PRO, I was very excited to try it out. This watch is super scientific! You wear it while you are sleeping and it monitors your sleep cycles. This way, it wakes you up in the morning at the optimal time so that you feel refreshed and ready to start your day.

Did you know that our cognitive skills are their worst within 3 minutes of waking up and it is possible that they may be poor for up to 2 hours! This is because most of the time, our bodies have a hard time making the transition from being asleep to being awake. SLEEPTRACKER helps make that transition easy by waking you up during a light sleep stage and eliminating the tired & groggy feelings most of us have in the mornings.


During the night, we go through many cycles of sleep. It is very difficult to wake up from a deep sleep but very easy if you’re in a stage of light sleep. This watch uses an accelerometer to detect restlessness (which is a sign of light sleep). All you have to do is set an alarm window on the watch before you go to sleep. (You give it a window of time you would be ok with waking up. Example: between 7 and 7:30.) As soon as the SLEEPTRACKER senses an “almost awake moment” in that window, the alarm will go off. You can select to be woken up by the alarm only, vibrate only, or a combination of both. You will feel more rested and refreshed if you are woken up from a light sleep at 7:00 am versus a deep sleep at 7:30. When you’re not sleeping, it works like a regular watch…tells the time, day & date. You can push a button for it to glow at night and is also water resistant up to 20 meters.

If you are having trouble sleeping, use the SLEEPTRACKER to monitor your sleep patterns every night. You can upload your sleep data to your computer and review it by day, week or month. Software and USB cable are included, simply connect the watch to your PC and your sleep data is transferred to your desktop. You can also input daily factors like time of dinner, strenuous workout, alcohol intake, etc. to help you determine what lifestyle choices negatively affect your sleep patterns.

I think this is a great product because when I use it, I wake up feeling refreshed and happy. I do not feel groggy and do not feel the need to make a cup of coffee just to stay awake. I also like the vibrate function so that I can wake up and my hubby can continue to sleep until his alarm goes off. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who has trouble sleeping. It's also great for busy moms, frequent travelers, and students...or just about anyone who wants to get a great night’s sleep and wake up ready to go every morning.

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So Smrt said...

Wow, that would be really good for me! I'm a crazy sleeper, and a scientist, so bingo! Maybe I could learn a little about my nutty sleep patterns.