Monday, May 11, 2009

All Aboard- Potty Learning Begins - TOOT TOOT

I have been loosely trying to potty train E since she turned 18 months old. Actually, we first introduced the potty to her when she turned one and she has been sitting on it on and off since then. I figured it was a good place for her to rest while I was using the potty. At 18 months I tried to get more serious about helping her learn but something went awry. I actually think she scratched her back on it one day because after that she would cry if I sat her on it at all. I decided to take a break for a few weeks and then give it another shot.

She is almost 20 months now and I have started working on it more and more with her. She has been asking to watch her Baby Signs Potty Train DVD so I have been letting her watch that in place of her usual Signing Time DVD. She sits bare butt on her potty while watching the video in case she feels inspired! Just the other day she was inspired to poop on the rug next to her potty while watching her video. :) Then she came to get me in the kitchen so she could show me her masterpiece! I actually think she started to go on the potty, got scared, and tried to walk away mid movement. Oh well. it was actually an easy clean up.

I let her sit on the potty whenever she asks. Considering she is such an active kid, she is really good about sitting and reading her books. We usually sit for a little bit before nap time. This past weekend I started putting her on the potty when she first wakes up in the morning. She is almost guaranteed to pee when she wakes up so I know she will feel successful. We have been doing well with this so far so I am feeling encouraged too.

I am not really in a rush for her to be potty trained. I know her personality type usually trains a little later. She is really very busy and I can see her never wanting to stop to go potty. However, she has been letting me know more often when she is going in her diaper. She is also sticking her hands down the back of her diaper after she makes it dirty. I think she is trying to separate the uncomfortable diaper from her body which is a good sign. I know that if she isn't trained by the time baby arrives we may have to put it off for a few months so we are taking a stress free approach to the training.

If your ready for a pair
Of big kid's underwear
Get on board toot toot
The Potty Train toot toot


Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

hope it goes well for you... and if you find a magic solution... please share!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely dread the idea of potty training. There should be a camp where you can send your kids to and they come back potty trained. Does that sound awful?!
Good luck!!

Christy said...

Porgie is almost three, and she still isn't potty trained. But, I am not pushing her or getting angry with her about it. Sometimes she asks to poop on the potty, and then she does. And sometimes she poops in her diaper.

I am trying to let her train herself. She will figure it out eventually.

Rebecka said...

Ick. I hate potty training. Wish you luck with it.

CC said...

Great job! My daughter was trained at 20 months. Just remember, when you go for it, GO FOR IT. No pull-ups. They just delay the process. And remember that when she trains, you'll have to drop everything to run to the bathroom at any given moment, and this stage can last for years. Not ideal when the new baby arrives. So timing will be important.

La Mama Naturale' said...

Potty training has not been easy but progress is being made. T has been using the potty off and on also. We've really buckled down lately tho' and like CC said you gotta be ready to get to the potty in a snap...with Clark it's been a little tougher to do so. Thus, leading to an accident. I've been letting him go diaper free more often through out the day too and since it's been warmer we are letting Clark do so as well. Stay tuned on that one ;) The DVD looks great. E is going to be so knowledgeable in sign language- which is very cool! :)