Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dying to try Grobaby Cloth Diapers!

I have been wanting to expand my cloth diaper collection for quite a while. On twitter I heard about a great diaper system called Gro Baby and I have been wanting to try them out. I think they might be my #1 choice for baby#2.

What makes this diaper unique is that you don't have to change the outer shell each time you change the diaper. You just snap in a new soaker and voila! This means it will be easier to fit cloth diapers into my diaper bag that isn't exactly cloth friendly.

Other great features of Gro baby

Grows with Baby
Adjustable Rise Snaps
Soft Organic Cotton Inner
Reusable Outer Shell
Snap In Soaker Pad

Read more about Gro baby here

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They are currently holding a Facebook contest to win a free diaper!


Upstatemomof3 said...

I hope you get one - I love mine. :)

Marcy said...

Nice! Sounds similar to the gDiapers set-up. BTW I heard they're going to start selling their own brand of cloth inserts. I've been debating trying out cloth inserts with our g's, at least while at home. I mentioned it to hubby once and he looked at me like I was crazy, lol!