Friday, May 1, 2009

Eliza on Skype

I joined Skype the other day. I didn't even realize I had a camera on my computer until Rose told me! Anyhoo, now Eliza and I can video chat with Rose and Alessia. It all feels so very Jetsons. Yes- they live across the street-but we were on quarantine this week because we were unsure about the Coxsackie.

Pete suggested he get a camera for his work computer so that he could check in with us during the day. Eliza is very attached to her daddy and would LOVE to see and talk to him on the computer. I am just not sure if she would totally understand that he is at work and not right there in the computer.

Eliza is looking at her daddy. He was across the street picking up some of Alessia's yummy birthday cake!

Let me know if you are on Skype! It is free for Skype members to video chat.


Christy said...


Tracy said...

What a little tech baby you have!

Lesha said...

I love skype.
When I was in NC and my parents were in PA it was a great way to let them see G in action. I don't use it as much any more, now that I'm living with them, but it's still so cool.