Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feeling Funktafied

The sun finally came out for a bit so I can stop singing The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow. It is a good thing because I was really starting to get into a funk being stuck in the house. I seem to be very sensitive to the weather. I need more year round sun. I am like superman and I was losing my superhuman mommy powers being cooped up in this house for days.

I think another reason I have been feeling funky is that I spend almost no time alone. I am always with Eliza or with Eliza and Pete. I know it is important that I get away a little but I never do because I don't know what to do with my time. I am not a shopper, so sending me to the mall would be like torture. I enjoy the book store but how many times can you go there? And then I just want to buy a zillion books. I would probably spend half of the time in the kid's section looking through books and thinking about Eliza. The problem is that I am a WE person. I like to do thing with other people. I am not a big fan of spending time alone. Whenever I think of doing anything I think of doing it with Pete and Eliza. I feel like we get so little time together that I want to spend all of our weekend time as a family.

However, I have signed up for five weeks of prenatal yoga and I am looking forward to spending some time with me. If I enjoy the classes I will consider signing up again.

Another thing is I spend almost no time with Pete without Eliza. When I was pregnant with E we said we would make time to do things together. I don't know what happened to that idea but we have done things together maybe 3 times in 18 months. Unless I plan something for us to do together- we do nothing. At night Pete is watching TV or on the computer and I am usually reading or in bed. We try to chat for a few minutes in the morning (my preference) or at night (his preference) but it is hard to discuss anything of importance in a short amount of time. We really need to make an effort to have US time before the baby is born.

I think all of this is why I am feeling a little funktafied lately. I mean all of these things in addition to the crazy pregnancy hormones.


Pam said...

I hear you on the weather- I think I need more sun to feel more upbeat too.

I also hear you on the time alone/as a couple! Gary and I have gone out ONE time without the kids since Riley was 9 months old--he is two now! That is not good for us- but I feel badly that I work so I want my not work time to be with them and not more time away from them. Yet we need that time.....almost a no win situation.

I hope you enjoy the prenatal yoga! I can't what to hear how it goes!

Andrea said...

Yep...I'm 100% a WE person too. I'm always spending time with my kids or my hubby...for the same reasons you said - plus, I just don't want to "miss out" on their lives just so I can go out for coffee every night! haha...I know moms DO need time alone, but I guess I'd rather spend time together most of the alone time is my blogging for the most part!

Marcy said...

I think I know exactly how you feel. When the weekend comes Zach always had a long list of stuff he wants to do, and I have to wrack my brain to think of a) what I want to do and b) plan when I want to do it, otherwise it just doesn't happen.

Do you have other mom friends in the area? You should plan out some "girl time" with friends-- lunch, coffee, dinner, whatever. The bonus-- if you plan ahead of time, then you know you have to go! lol

Friends can also help give you couple-time without the kids. We have't done much of this yet, but keep meaning to, but it'd be so simple to have friends with a kid watch both (theirs and ours) for even just an hour or 2 on a weekend so Zach and I can get away, and then return the favor (later that day, next day, next weekend... whatever schedule you want to do).

All these things are easier said than done... but they really are so important to DO to help keep ourselves and our relationships balanced and sane.

Future Mom (Heather) said...

Most books on life after babies say that the husband & wife need to go out alone once a month. I think to myself...that couldn't be too hard at all. However I am noticing that nobody can ever manage to do it for some reason! I know that my BIL & SIL go out without the kids (because I am always watching them LOL) so I can't wait till it's payback time & I am dropping my little munchkin off at their house every week for some ME time. Most likely this will involve doing more of my favorite activity - sleeping...I envision bringing the baby over and then going upstairs to bed for a few hours!

I also agree with Marcy. I know you have a few local friends with kids, try setting something up for the summer where you drop off E with them so you (or you & Pete) can get out for a few hours. Then the next time will be their turn to drop their kid off with you.

Can't wait to hear all about prenatal yoga!

Tracy said...

The yoga sounds awesome! I'm sure you'll love it. I'm hearing you on the funk. I've been in it for awhile now. Problem is besides wanting to spend time with Justin I also really, really like solo time. I'm not exactly a WE person. I'm not even looking for a big expensive outing. I'd be thrilled if J would take the girls for a day and let me clean the house from top to bottom. Ever find yourself asking "When did this become my life?"

Marni's Organized Mess said...

Oh how I know so many of these feelings.