Monday, May 4, 2009

I Have a Diva on My Hands

I am starting to get a little worried about how Eliza will react to a sibling. I think she really enjoys being an only child. I know it will all work out in the end but I am still concerned about the transition.

We have told her there is a baby in my belly. She knows something is going on for sure. She sometimes points to her belly and says baby. However, if my shirt is up and my belly shows even a little she gets very upset and tries to pull it down. She says sorry over and over again. She always says sorry if you are doing something she doesn't like. I honestly don't think she likes attention going to my belly instead of to her. I can't think of any other reason why she would get so upset. My husband can show his belly all he wants and she doesn't get miffed one bit.

We have some of her old things upstairs like her swing, bassinet, bouncy seat and high chair. She knows they are for a baby and likes to say, "baby swing, baby chair" etc. I am just not so sure how she will handle it when there is actually a baby occupying the swing and the chair.

I want to pick up a couple of books to read to her about becoming a sister and about adding a new addition to the family. Unfortunately, I am not sure it will really help at all. She loves to read books about going potty but when it comes down to it she would rather read about it than have it be her reality.

I don't know what to say except that I think I have a little diva on my hands and she has no intentions of sharing the spotlight.


Lori said...

You never know... Blake was pretty oblivious of the fact that I was pregnant, and loved Colby pretty much from the start. Eliza may show you a different side once the baby is actually here

Tracy said...

I know that she is quite a bit younger than Madison was but try to get her involved. We read books but they didn't seem to hit home as much as setting up the baby gear, helping wash the clothes and even going to the doctor sometimes to hear Stella's heart beat. When it came close to my due date I took Madison out to pick a present for her little sister and then spent the rest of the day doind all types of specail things just for Madison. I also had several small gifts for her during my hospital stay plus one special gift to MADISON "FROM STELLA" the day we got home. We lucked out 'cause she adores Stella and has only recently made comments like "Can Stella move to MeMa's?" but I think that is because Stella is now mobile and into everything! Did I ramble too much?

Christy said...

Porgie adjusted really well to Izzy. Maybe she'll surprise you!

PletcherFamily said...

Arlington was 3 1/2 when Finley was born, but she still had a hard time adjusting. It only lasted about a week, though, and then she was in love with her sister. In the beginning it will be tough because E is your first baby and you want things to stay the same and her attention to be the same. But you quickly find a balance that works for everyone.
Don't over think it. We bought Arlington a big sister present (her new bike) when Finley was born. A few days after we came home from the hospital, we took her to get it and that was a big deal to her. She knew she was getting it before the baby was born, so it was something to look forward to.